How To Ship Goods From The USA To Nigeria – The Steps


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How To Ship Goods From The USA To Nigeria – The Steps
Posted on: August 08, 2018, 07:57:56 PM
Shipment from USA to Nigeria is no less a lucrative business and at the same time not an easy one to execute. It comes with diverse processes and loads. Shipping as a shipment company isn't just performed like a car transport business. It might share similar processes but possesses a very distinct strategy of execution.

If you are one who wants to go into this form of enterprise , these meaningful words shouldn't be misjudged:

→ Carrier : A carrier provides transportation for the goods assembled by the shipper.

→ Agents : They operate as contractors, enabling each client in the above fields to achieve his objective.

→ Shipper : A shipper’s main job is to get goods from one country and deliver them to the other.

→ Freights Broker: He serves as the middleman between the shipper and the carrier.

→ Freight Forwarder : His main responsibility is to bring goods and services from different locations to a particular destination.

There are certain traits one must acquire if not possessed. Transportation of goods from overseas isn't a task to be joked with, that's why diligence is a key attribute of one in this type of business. Honesty also play another important role to a successful business in this niche.

Having your goods moved from the US to Nigeria requires core knowledge of it. One has to go deep into the business proper in order to know the workings of it. It might be slippery at first, but constant experience guarantees knowledge. The first way in gaining experience is undoubtedly in asking information about what you are into from long-standing industry workers.

The next challenge always lies in getting people who are reliable and trustworthy enough to move your products from the United States to Nigeria. There are firms and enterprises who are capable of running that task as smoothly as possible (this would be listed at the end of this piece).

There are various imports restrictions and prohibitable goods which are not allowed in to the country in any mode of transportation. Most of them can be known by doing a little research online. Your shipments may also have to undergo inspection by the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Import Prohibitions And Restrictions

• Cash
• Dangerous goods as defined by IATA
• Perishable foods
• Seeds
• Soil
• Viagra..........

Having your goods shipped from the US to Nigeria follow some basic steps.

Steps to moving goods to Nigeria from the US

Acquire an operating license and the necessary certificates to avoid any legal sanction. Every country’s custom service has a distinct criteria for the issuance of the license. Getting your license makes your shipping business activities legal and makes your shipment officially known.

The next step is to decide the mode of transportation you’ll be using to transport the commodities. It may be land, sea or by air, depending on your finance.
Moreover, to ship products from USA to Nigeria, you can only use air or sea transportation based on the type of products you’re dealing with.

The last step is the selection of a reliable and effective shipping agency. These reputable agencies would be disclosed as you read on.

Exemplary Steps To Ship A Product From USA To Nigeria

Our model shipment would be buying a car from the US to Nigeria. Buying cars from overseas is a common thing in Nigeria. Although the new ones might be a big expensive, the process is as simple as you would soon discover. You can acquire a car(fairly used or new) from the US easily and stress free. You can order a car without necessarily leaving your bedroom. This method is commonly used by car dealers in Nigeria who buy and import the cars to be sold in Nigeria.

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The steps are as simple as:

→ Register With a Car Auction Website.

Online car auction is the safest and most reliable way to buy a car to the country.
Some of these companies offer free registration while others charge some fee that might not be too expensive for initial registration. Some also charge annual subscription as well.

You’ll need to submit a means of identification in order to increase your bidding eligibility.

Some of these online car auction sites are,,, …….

→ Search and select the car you want to buy.

This is the stage that requires your knowledge and experience. You have to be very careful in order not to end up with a faulty car at the end of all.  Some cars might have some faults while some may not have. You have to ensure you don’t end up with a faulty car.

→ Buy your car

After making your choice of car, the next step is to click on “buy car” to purchase the vehicle.

→ Pay for your car

Pay for your product. Most of these sites accept Bank transfer, Debit Cards and other means of payments.

→ Ship your car from USA.

→ Clear your car with Nigerian Customs Service.

This stage requires you to clear your car at the seaport or airport, according to the mode of shipping you use. Some documents may be needed to claim the ownership of the car.

Shipping Agencies In Nigeria

ShopToMyDoor (Air and Sea Cargo Shipping).

ShopTomyDoor is a company that assists individuals and corporate bodies to conveniently shop for any item from USA, UK and China by assigning them an address in these countries.
With the given address, you can shop directly on over 80,000 online stores using your VisaCard, MasterCard, or Paypal account to make payments.

Shoptomydoor strong customer base in Africa, and Nigeria in particular.
To Get Started, Sign up on their website via It takes you about minutes to sign up and start shipping with shoptomydoor.

After signing up, you will be issued your shipping address in USA, UK, and China instantly.

After signing up, please be sure to update the following settings as they can affect your shipping cost:

• Your Shipment Settings and,
• Your Billing Address

The time it takes for your items or goods to arrive depends on whether you are shipping via air or sea.

ShipToNaija (Air Cargo Shipping Company)

This shipping company moves goods on air only. Their main route is from Houston, USA to Nigeria. They are the most reliable company for air cargoes.

They transport goods from Houston and other parts of USA within 4-6 business days and they give a 100% guarantee money back. Their customer service is very efficient and they notify you of any information by SMS Alert.
They offer a wide range of payment methods. You can sign up for free on their website via

Others include:
→ FedEx Shipping Company.
→ DHL Express Shipping Company.
→ UPS Company


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