Why you should start using LCD energy saving bulbs

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Why you should start using LCD energy saving bulbs
Posted on: August 09, 2018, 12:08:13 AM
Have you heard or used an LED energy saving bulbs in your home or at your offices if yes then you are on the right track and of no then you need to start using the new modern LED bulbs right now and if you care to know why then keep reading to know the reason I recommend using an LED bulbs instead of the popular old schools bulbs you know.

In Nigeria, we pay more attention and patronize cheap product than a quality product and yet we end up paying more in the long run and that mentality has to change, if you have been using those old modern cheap electricity bulbs that only cost N100 then you need to upgrade to something better.

When I talk about LED bulbs I am not referring to the normal coiling energy bulbs that sold between 200 - 1000 naira depending on the quality and make.

Those energy bulbs are abbreviated as CFL bulb which represents (Compact Fluorescent Light) in full meaning but am talking about an LED bulbs.

What is an LED Bulb?

LED is equally an abbreviation that represents (Light-emitting diode) in full meaning and a solid-state lighting device that fits in standard screw-in or Pin connections but as well uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to produce light in other words an LED bulb uses a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

Why you should start using LCD energy saving bulbs

Now I am going to share a few reasons why you should consider using the new LED energy saving bulbs in your home and offices and if you ask me if there is any disadvantage of using an LED bulb I will say none but the only thing is that it's expensive compared to CFL and popular 40, 60 and 100 watts bulbs but trust me it worth the price.

1. Extensive Energy Saving

The popular CFL bulbs known as energy bulbs in Nigeria cannot be compared to an LED bulb because an LED bulbs require much energy to provide excellent colorful brightness.

LED bulbs will surely save some extra electricity bills for you since it consumes less energy without compromising the output and always ready to give your home a perfect new look it deserves.

2. LED Bulbs are more Brighter & Colorful

I have used both CFL & LED bulbs but LED is brighter that even 5watts LED bulb can challenge 65watts CFL bulbs and as well gives a unique color that cannot be matched with CFL or any other bulbs and yet it consumes less energy than any other bulbs.

3. Durability

As you can see am not trying to promote any LED bulb producers but i was touched to write about LED bulbs because I have been using the one a bought for closely 2 years now and still don't see it dying in the coming months, in other words, LED is far durable and can last for years though i can't tell how long it can last since mine has not died yet after 1 year plus.

How Much can I buy an LED bulb in Nigeria

The main reason why many people don't use this bulb is that is expensive compared to others but you should consider how long it can last for you and based on my research and LED bulb can cost you between ₦1500 - ₦5000 in Nigeria depending on the quality and make you wish to buy and if you buy in bulk it will be cheaper for you.

If you have the money then try LED bulb and you will see the difference, many hospitals, schools, industries have started using it due to its brightness and durability that is why I thought it will be wise to share this info with you.

Finally. you can buy an LED bulb from any popular Electrical shops and from online shops like Jumia, Konga etc

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