How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria — Costs and Salary


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How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria — Costs and Salary
Posted on: August 11, 2018, 11:31:07 PM
It is common to hear little children expressing their desire of being an airplane pilot when grown old. However, only very few of these children end up being what they wished. The job of an airplane pilot may sound nice to the ear however, it is really a nervy job. Aside so, it is a high paying and prestigious job. Much are being done with aircraft nowadays especially in the aspect of trade. The $8 billion dollars worth of goods transported by air every day proves that fact.

Certificates needed to become a Nigerian pilot include:

→ Medical certificate
→ Aviation certificate

→ Medical certificate

All aspiring pilots undergo a medical examination in which a certification is given at the end. The medical certificate is available in three stages; first class , second class and a third . A second/third class certificate can fly private pilot, agricultural pilot and so on but not a commercial pilot. You need a first class medical certificate to qualify for a commercial pilot.

→ Aviation certificate

Atleast one of these certificates is needed to become a qualified pilot.

1. Private Pilot Certificate:  This certifies you as a recognized pilot, by obtaining this certificate you will be allowed to fly solo in a plane in Nigeria.
2. Instrument Rating: This is to certify that you can use the instruments found in a cockpit to navigate alone .
3. Certified Flight Instructor: It is not unusual for the aviation school you are attending to hire you as a flight instructor. This helps you gain more flight hours and experience while teaching others.
4. Commercial Pilot Certificate: This is the license to become a commercial pilot flying for airline companies. This is the highest honor in civilian aviation and only persons aged at least 23 years old could obtain the license/certificate.

How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria — The Duties of a Pilot

The airline pilot provides passenger transport for airlines from one airport to another.
The commercial pilot performs several duties such as freight transport, humanitarian missions, rescue, towing advertising banners, aerial photography, agricultural operations, and airborne drop.

The airline pilot of which might be the captain or first officer is responsible to prepare and plan carefully for its flight as well as confirm all the safety requirements before take off.
Pilots constantly monitor the weather situation, dialogue with the control towers, ensure fuel consumption, and be ready for flight.
An Airline pilot is a profession that demands physical strength and mental intelligence. Before obtaining the title of captain (CBD), responsible for all the crew, the airline pilot must accumulate experience for years as co-pilot (OPL).

How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria — Education & Training

The education/ training of aspiring pilots do costs a whole lot. It is projected to be about 7-8 million naira. This is so because of the expensive flight hours taken. Internationally, training cost are more expensive that those in Nigeria.

There are three main ways to fulfilling your wish to be a pilot in Nigeria. They are:

★ The Millitary School — You can enroll with the Nigeria Air force or the Nigerian Defense Academy to be luckily train as a military pilot..

★ The civil sector state — Visit the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology portal via . NCAT is funded by the Civil Aviation Department in the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Aviation.

One can be admitted easily to this college as far as the person is eligibility for it. The steps include;

1. Obtain a PIN Code from any branch of First Bank nationwide upon the payment of N11,000 Application Fee to the Cashier.
2. Logon to
3. Read the Qualification Criteria.
4. Click on ‘Register’ above to fill the registration form. Ensure you type the PIN Code obtained from the bank correctly
5. On successful registration, you will receive a success email and SMS from ‘NCAT’.
6. Click on ‘Login’ to login, then you can start filling the forms.
7. Edit your Application Profile (This will require a passport photo and your bio data).
8. Edit your Institution Attended.
9. Edit your Qualifications (WASSCE, and other Certificates are entered here).
10. Edit/Upload Documents (Attach your Certificates here). The next section (Declaration and submission of form) will not be displayed untill all sections have been filled correctly.
11. Print your Acknowledgement / Exam Admission Card.

★ The private sector : A handful of schools in Nigeria abound which trains professional pilots.
They tutor theoretically practice the flight as well.

To be licensed as a private pilot, you need at least 40 hours of flight training according to the FAA standards and 1500 flight hours to become an airline pilot. To be considered for an airline job they require around 4000 hours logged to your flying record.

The pay given to pilot is in tje ranN350,000 to N800,000 monthly depending on ranks. While N1-2 million Naira are paid to an aircraft pilot working for international airline company.

To acquire a job as a pilot in Nigeria, write an impressive resume that is appropriate for pilots and submit to any airline you wish to work.


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Re: How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria — Costs and Salary
#1 Posted on: October 26, 2018, 05:16:30 PM
I wanted to be a pilot when I was in my early childhood but due to my weak eyesight I missed the chance. I would like to advise the parents to limit their children about the usage of digital appliances as they have the long lasting effects on their health. Thanks

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