DSTV Signal, Scanning, Smart card Problems And Solutions


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DSTV Signal, Scanning, Smart card Problems And Solutions
Posted on: August 16, 2018, 08:37:43 AM
Satellite/ Cable TV services were meant to entertain users but how does it feels when it incurs a problem. Our DSTV, which we rated as the cheapest sports pay TV service in Nigeria and Africa could turn frustrating when booting on your TV only to see a “SIGNAL NOT FOUND” notification or similar error codes.

Certain factors bear guilt to this recurring errors. To be on the safe side when setting up a DSTV decoder, be sure to employ the services of an accredited technician. This would make your error days minimal if ever they will be one. However, if you get a problem with the DSTV decoder overall it will be better to view our list of problems and solutions.

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As a first step in analysing where the fault might originate from, check and make sure all cables connected to the decoder and dish are properly inserted. The cables might accidentally be stripped off in the process of house cleanup. Most errors are due to the fact that most dishes aren't aligned to be receptive to most frequencies. And as said before, the services of a good technician could reverse such issues as this.

This isn't to say that majority of similar problems aren't natural. Its good to know that DStv signal strength varies from area to area. If you are living in a rural area, you might experience signal issues more frequently. Also, bad weather conditions greatly hinders the signal to noise ratio (signal quality) of the decoder. Your DStv dish captures the signals sent from a satellite orbiting in space. So even though there’s no bad weather directly in your area, the signal can still be affected. These are natural phenomenon that couldn't be avoided and its usually lasts temporary.

The error might arise from any fault to the LNB cable. The low-noise block downconverter (LNB) is the receiving device that is fitted on your satellite dish. It collects radio waves from the DStv dish and converts the waves into a signal that is carried through the cable to a receiver on the decoder. Make sure that this cable is as good as new and without fault.

If all those steps are duly observed, restart the decoder to reconnect to the DStv system. Switch the decoder off, pull out the card, wait for a few seconds before reinserting the card and switching the decoder on again. However these pre- steps might not be enough to rectify a faulty decoder. The various errors and their possible solutions are outlined as you read on. Before that, it is important you know how to factory reset a DSTV decoder, as that seems to be the solution to most issues.

Resetting a DSTV decoder

To reset a DSTV decoder, press MENU then scroll to ADVANCED OPTIONS and Press OK.

Enter Pin Code 9949 and go to RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULTS then press OK twice. Every adjusted settings on the decoder would be changed to default.
Note! Frequent factory reset may result to damage of your Decoder, so its advisable to reset your decoder only in stubborn cases.

DSTV decoder problems and possible solutions

→ Smart card errors

→ Error E04 – Please insert Smartcard. Your smartcard may have been inserted incorrectly. Remove the Smartcard, wipe with a soft dry cloth and re-insert. If message re-appears, reboot. If problem persists then the decoder and/or the Smartcard might be damaged.
→ Error E05 – Unknown Card. The incorrect Smartcard is inserted or the Smartcard might have been inserted incorrectly. Remove the Smartcard, ensure that it is free of dust.
→ Error E06 – Smartcard Error. Remove the Smartcard, wipe with a soft dry cloth and re-insert. If message re-appears, reboot. If problem persists then the decoder and/or the Smartcard might be damaged.
→ Error E07 – Checking Smartcard. The decoder is checking the Smartcard. If the message is still displayed after 30 seconds remove the Smartcard, wait for the error code and re-insert the Smartcard. If E07 reappears, reboot your decoder. If E07 reappears, the decoder/Smartcard might be damaged.
→ Error E16 – Service is currently scrambled. Transmission might be temporarily suspended. Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account. The service needs to be reset from by MultiChoice.
→ Error E107 – Decoder and Smartcard currently not paired. This message usually appears on new decoder. You should call the Contact Centre to confirm if the account has been created so it can be activated.

Most of these type of errors were discussed on our post on faulty smartcards

→ Cracking of picture

Picture cracks usually occur due to a low signal quality. It normally occurs during rainfall. If it occurs in fair weather, then  it is likely your dish has slightly shifted from the signal position and needs realignment. You can contact a dish installer to realign your dish into signal position.

→ Remote control

Current crop of DSTV remote controls are meant to also function for decoders used in extra view. Irregular pressing of the remote control buttons causes the red remote control light blinking on TV2 [exit] instead of TV1 Here the Remote Control Unit (RCU) will not function on the single view decoder. This problem is solved by pressing SHIFT, then after the SHIFT blinks press TV1.
The red Remote control light will now blinks on TV1.

→ No TV sound

If there is no sound on your TV ,
Press MENU and go to ADVANCED OPTIONS and Press OK. Next go to TV INSTALLATION and press OK. Enter the Pin Code 9949 and press OK. On RF MODULATION, press OK and on MODULATION use Arrow key to change to PAL G or PAL I and Press OK. Next go to ACCEPT THESE SETTINGS and Press OK then Press EXIT 3 times to clear the screen.

→ Partial or oversized picture on TV screen

This is an irregular picture size displayed on your TV Screen. It could be rectified by pressing the MENU. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS. Go to TV INSTALLATION and Press OK .Enter Pin Code 9949 then go to ASPECT RATIO and Press OK, use Arrow key to change to either (4:3) or (16:9) and Press OK. Next Go to LETTER BOX or CROPPED PARTIAL and Press OK then Go to ACCEPT THESE SETTINGS and Press OK. Finally exit the screen.
Alternatively, you can instantly change the Aspect Ratio by
Press SHIFT and TV GUIDE. Here, you can toggle through the 4 Aspect Ratio Control (ARC) options and choose the most appropriate for your viewing.

→ Scanning/signal problems

→ Not Scanning: Here the decoder searches for signal on various frequencies without connecting to any of the bouquets. The problem is caused by a change in the dish (signal) position or a bad LNB or in rare cases a faulty decoder.
→ Scanning for too long: In this situation, the decoder takes too long to scan and after scanning may experience pixilation (picture cracks) or signal disconnection on some stations. This problem is caused by low signal strength to the decoder.
→ Not Scanning the full number of Bouquets: Here the decoder connects to less than the usual no of bouquets it usually scans. This problem in most cases is usually a malfunctioning problem and can be rectified by doing a FACTORY RESET.

→ Malfunctioning Decoder

Here, the decoder might be going off and coming back on intermittently. this and similar ones can be rectified by doing a FACTORY RESET on the decoder.

→ Not seeing channels

To solve this, press TV Select Ku Africa and press Ok.If this option (Ku Africa) doesnt display
Press MENU Scroll to ADVANCED OPTIONS and press OK. After that, go to DISH INSTALLATION and Press OK. Enter Pin Code 9949.
Then Go to SCAN ALL NETWORKS and Press OK. You can then Press TV to select the Ku Africa bouquet.

→ Activation/reconnection issue

To avoid your dstv reconnection problems it is advisable to make payments before the expiry date of your subscription. These can be solved by putting a call to their customer care.

When preparing to call, make your smart card number and payment details ready. Also make sure your decoder is on and tuned to Channel 114 (Africa Magic).

To contact DSTV, their customer care lines are: 08039003788, 012703232, or 012806877. The customer care line is open between:
8am-9pm, Monday-Friday.
9am-6pm on Saturdays
12 Noon – 5pm on Sundays.
They are not open on Public holidays.

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Re: DSTV Signal, Scanning, Smart card Problems And Solutions
#1 Posted on: August 22, 2020, 08:41:10 PM
My DStv is just going off and on without it been unplug


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Re: DSTV Signal, Scanning, Smart card Problems And Solutions
#2 Posted on: September 09, 2021, 06:17:32 PM
Do I have to pay at multi choice if my decodar is showing error e06? Do they charge me to fix this?

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