The cheapest and best call tariff plans in Nigeria 2019


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The cheapest and best call tariff plans in Nigeria 2019
Posted on: August 25, 2018, 07:13:56 AM
Nigeria is a country which presents opportunity for any kind of cheap call plans across its four(4) major telecommunication networks. Each telecom network has its call plan or plans much to the benefits of its ever increasing customers.
In my last article,  you might have learnt the consequence of not finding out the cons and pros of these telecom networks.  People are of different class. There are those that makes much of the call and there are those who ‘survive’ a day without the use of data.

Are you complaining of excess airtime deductions? You might not know the reason behind the huge cost of calls with your line ( especially when into a new tariff plan). This kind of deduction is different from unnecessary deductions that was always heard of Nigerian telecom networks. These are the charges levied as rates while calling. It is common for an ordinary Nigerian to neglect the details of tariff plans and then later heard to say a particular network {Airtel,MTN ....} is responsible for their recent high cost of calls.

I will start by listing the best tariff plans in the country based on the overall best per network. Tariff plans of the different networks in Nigeria has similar features. Determining the best of each network isn't as easy as it may seem as far as new juicy plans are being added consistently by telecom companies in order to keep up with their coustomers wish.

The various best tariff plans per network are as follows:

 Despite being acquired by another company after a huge financial flaw, Etisalat Nigeria hasn't presented to Nigerians any exciting tariff plan. However the odds, their easylife is a match to many. On this tariff plan, ₦200 guarantees you 22 minutes, 13 seconds talk time to all local networks.

However, you will pay a ₦5 daily access fee for enjoying this. You might wonder how these charges are deducted everyday of the day even when you haven't made a call all through that day, it's normal to wonder but don't this time. The daily access fee is only charged on your first call of the day. To migrate to Etisalat EasyLife, With your Etisalat sim card just dial *620*1#

Airtel SmartCONNECT is arguably the best call plan from airtel probably at the moment, however it is only available to new Airtel subscribers. The plan offers ₦100 for 20 minutes talk time to all networks in Nigeria.

Coming to the rescue for airtel network, Airtel SmartTRYBE comes to the rescue. One of the benefits of Airtel SmartTRYBE includes getting 1.5GB for just ₦200. To join the Trybe, dial *312#.

Another interesting tariff plan is Smart Talk on the Airtel network. On this plan, Airtel subscribers can make calls to both Airtel numbers and other networks at 11k per second. No data bonus or recharge bonus is available on this plan. There is a daily access fee of 5 Naira charged on the first call made for the day. First migration in a month is free but migrating twice in month will attract a charge of 100 Naira. TO migrate simply text YES to 315.

Glo introduced the Glo Gbam Plus, which is a tarriff plan that offers 11k per second flat rate to all networks but the condition attached is a daily fee of 5 Naira will be charged once on the first call made for the day.

To migrate,the code to dial is *100*6*1#,to check the credit balance simply dial #124*1#. We also have the Glo Yakata and tariffs like the Glo bounce. On GLO Bounce, 22 minutes of talking over the phone would cost you approximately ₦200. To “bounce to the up side of life”, dial *170*4#

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MTN as of time of publication has the highest number of subscribers in the country. The cheapest plan is the MTN Betatalk but worthy of mention are the trutalk and MTN pulse. With the MTN Betatalk, you get 250% bonus on all recharges which would last for 3 good days. This call plan is widely accepted by MTN subscribers.

The MTN Tru talk Plus tariff plan offers the subscriber 11 kobo per second call rate to all networks in Nigeria with a daily access fee of 5 Naira. Once the 5 Naira is deducted the subscriber can enjoy the 11 kobo per second call rate.In addition the subscriber enjoys 10 mb free upon a recharge of 100 naira or more and also free midnight calls between 12:30 am -4:30 am when the subscriber has 100 Naira on the line. Calls made during this period are free only for MTN numbers.To migrate to MTN Tru Talk Plus text TP to 131. Migration twice in 30 days will attract a migration fee of 100 Naira.

 For MTN pulse, calls are as low as ₦6.6/minute. There are no daily charges although your first 50 seconds of the day would be charged at 20k/s. To join MTN Pulse, Dial *406#

If you have difficulty trying to activate a tariff plan, do well to report to the required customer care centers. They are fully available to attend to issues via toll free/paid calls or by the different social media. Also, there might be tariff plans that are cheaper than the ones listed. Please do well to share with friends!

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