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Re: Why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phones
Posted on: August 15, 2014, 06:14:13 AM
Do you know that everything in life is becoming smarter including mobile phone, smartness is not limited to human beings but also mobile phones so am here to tell you why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phones.
What do i mean when i say smart mobile phones:
 Yes there is difference between mobile phone and smart mobile phone, the difference is the word “SMART” not every mobile phones can be called smart phone but there are some one’s we call smart phones.
 When ever you see the word “Smart” it means somebody or something being “clever, quick in thought and action” in other words “neat, well designed and fashionable” definitely not all mobile phones possess all this specifications that is why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phones that possess the above specifications.
 I can remember one of the most popular and strong but not smart mobile phone “Nokia 3310″ who can still remember.

this phone and if you can you will know how strong the phone was years ago.
 Now we are moving to something both”Strong, Clever, fast and fashionable that is why Smart mobile phones came into existence to provide most of our needs.
What Smart mobile phone can do and why you need it:
 Now lot me explain a bit about those specifications smart phones possessed that i mentioned above.
 #1. Clever: Smart mobile phones tend to have all the necessary things you need to get your work done with ease.
 Smart mobile phones is also known to be super fast which means you will get you work done without any delay of any kind because its always ready to respond to your touch as fast as possible.
 Smart phones always come with lot of Advanced features, Games, applications that can provide most of your needs.
 Do you need advanced Dictionary?
 You don’t need to carry you dictionary around you can search and find any word you seek to know the meaning with a few touch right on your smart phone screen.
Do you need office mobile suit?
 Almost all the smart phone in the market comes with Office Mobile suit, which means, with you smart phone you create word document,excel work and so on.
Do you need to chat on social media or BBM?
 Smart phones comes with smart everything, if chatting with your friends and family is your problem don’t worry smart phones always comes with many social media applications that you can choose from.
 As we already know that BBM is no longer working with Blackberry only but with Android powered devices which means you can now generate you pin and start pinging just like Blackberry users.
Do you need unlimited mobile applications and HD games?
 There is unlimited Applications and High definition Games available for smart phones that will always make your day a wonderful and enjoyable one.

All these and more are the things you will get when you upgrade to Smart Mobile Phones, not old modern phones made only to make and receive calls, you will always get everything and anything you need in a mobile phone when using Smart Phone.
 #2. Fashionable: Smart mobile phones is not just clever but also well designed to also look smart, a smart phone is always a phone you will like to look twice when ever you come across it because its always beautiful and even slimmer than other mobile phones.
 Now your turn
 Are you currently planning to buy a smartphone or currently using one, let me know your experience and suggestions to those who are planning to upgrade to smart mobile phone, what suggestion do you have for them?


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Why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phones
#1 Posted on: August 16, 2014, 11:12:00 PM
Hmmm, is good to be back


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Re: Why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phones
#2 Posted on: August 17, 2014, 12:37:24 AM
Hmmm, is good to be back
Oga so you are still alive after 2 years you left xtremeloaded


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