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After calls, Internet data is the next feature in telecommunications which users spends much on. Why shouldn't it be so when its the fastest way to communicate around the world; Its also the fastest way to access information of virtually anything globally.

With these facts one can as a first start appreciate what is ‘cheap data’ in Nigeria. In life making a decision is one thing and making the right decision is another. This is why making the right choice of data is as good as just making a decision. When it comes to choosing the right data plan to activate one has to be enlightened and isn't like choosing which telecom tariff plan to use for calls. While anticipating subscribing to a data plan, one has to carefully consider the coverage, price, reliability, stability, speed, data allocation, fair usage, bandwidth meter of the particular network. While considering the best data plan in the country at the moment, these conditions would be squared as well.

Before going through the subject matter, it is important to list all the official codes one can use to purchase data from the top four telecom providers in the country. Thereafter, their analysis would be looked into.

The general codes to activate data plans are:
MTN → dial *131# for their special data options 
Globacom → To view all their data packages dial *777# or visit
Airtel → Dial *141# to view the data plans options.
9Mobile → Dial *200# then follow the prompt to activate with this line.

Network Code
MTN *131#
Glo *777#
Airtel *141#
9mobile *200#

Data Comparative Analysis of Nigeria’s Internet data plans — Data price

When it comes to internet data plans among MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo - its almost the same at a base monthly fee of N1,000. Variations comes from the amount of data staked to these plans by different networks. Here Glo Nigeria gets the credit for the best internet data by price.

Data Comparative Analysis of Nigeria’s Internet data plans — Coverage

The coverage of Nigerian networks is tricky in some places – you might a network availability at full scale but might be worst than having no network when trying to browse.

MTN has the widest network coverage in Nigeria as of today and therefore standout in this factor for browsing. In the same vein, Glo has the second largest network coverage in the country but unfortunately have the least effective data network coverage. There might be a glo network mast nearby but there might still be zero network availability. The other networks, Airtel and 9Mobile are separated considering this factor by the slightest of margins with regards to network coverage.

Data Comparative Analysis of Nigeria’s Internet data plans — Speed

Speed is another key factor to consider when subscribing for a data plan. 9Mobile 3G network is the fastest for now in the country. GLO 4G is also said to be faster than that of MTN and also Glo tends to have a slightly wider 4G network coverage than MTN. It is of note that the speed of data transfer is dependent on the location.

Since the 3G network still remains the most readily available in Nigeria, 9Mobile is the fastest overall while Glo and MTN follows. 

Data Comparative Analysis of Nigeria’s Internet data plans — Bandwith Metering/Data Calculator/Billing

If there is any corruption in the Nigerian telecom network, it starts from here. This is the area where Nigerian Network providers are doing the same thing some petrol stations are doing.  All the four Major Networks in Nigeria are guilty of abnormal Data deduction. You might have noticed that the data you bought for like – 1gb hasn't been consumed upto 200mb but is off. Airtel Nigeria and MTN telecom is the largest culprit in this act.

Data Comparative Analysis of Nigeria’s Internet data plans — Internet Data Allocation

The telecom network that caps huge amount of data to its plan is Glo. This grandmasters in terms of data cap gives up to  3.6gb worth of data for just #1,000. The most expensive Internet service provider amongst the four in terms of data allocation is 9Mobile. Despite having a low data allocation, 9Mobile offers their data service with considerable speed for your money.

Cheapest Data Plans In Nigeria 2018


» Glo Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G

Glo telecom has cool data offers for its 3G and 4G users. You get data allocation up to the value of 10GB for N2500, 3.2GB for N1000, 7.5GB for N2000 and more.

» Glo Night + Weekend Plan

Glo night plan offers 1GB for N200 and weekend offers 3GB for N1000 . Glo Data Plans for weekend and night is very cheap and good on all device.


» Airtel 2G Plans

This plan is cheap but slow. You get 2GB for N200 & 6GB for N500. This cheap data plans only work on 2G network – you can’t use this plan when you switch network to 3G or 4G.

» Airtel N25 Naira Night Plan

This night plan is suitable for anyone using
SmartTRYBE prepaid tariff plan on Airtel.
You can get 500MB for N25 and
also, you can get 1.5GB for N200 on the same package. It Works well on all devices.

» Airtel 150% Data Offer

Airtel introduced 150% data bonus and it seems to work on some selected SIM.

If you got the message, then with N500, you can get a whopping 1.8GB to last you for 2 weeks.
To get started, Dial *418*2# to activate.

» Airtel 100% Data Bonus

The Airtel Double data offer gives you 400MB for N200, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000 .
You get free extra 200MB when you activate 200MB for N200, extra 750GB when you activate 750GB for N500, extra 1.5GB when you activate 1.5GB for N1000, extra 3.5GB when you activate 3.5GB for N2000.

The data bonus offer is valid for 6 months .To get started, use the activation code below;
Activation code : Dial *144# to activate.


» 9mobile Social Plan

The 9mobile Social Plan gives you unlimited access to all the social media platforms for a token.
If you’re looking for an affordable plan basically giving you access to social apps, then you’re in the place.
With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited access to Instagram, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for  N150, valid for one (1) week.

To subscribe : Recharge N150 and dial *343*6*10#

» 9mobile Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 500MB,1GB & 1.5GB

This is a normal plan that is usable across all device; Android, iOS, modem, MiFi, PC or Windows phone. It is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe for 500MB : Recharge N500 and dial *229*2*12#

To subscribe for 1GB : Recharge N1000 and dial *229*2*7#

To subscribe for 1.5GB : Recharge N1200 and dial *229*2*7#

» 9mobile Night & Weekend Plans

This is a night only data plan. You can get 1GB for ₦200 & more.
There is also the weekend 2GB for N1000 to be enjoyed between 7PM to 7AM every weekday (Monday to Friday + weekends) for 30 days!


» MTN Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G

MTN has affordable data plans for browsing and are closely behind Glo when it comes to cheap plans. Their daily, weekly and monthly plans is more cheaper compared to Airtel and 9mobile.

» MTN 1GB for ₦500 for Pulse Users

With MTN Pulse, you get mouthwatering cheap data. 9mobile provides 500MB for N500 , but you can get double for the same price with MTN.

If you activate this plan more times, for example, you can get 4GB of data for just ₦2000!
 When subscribed on this plan, you will get 1 gigabyte of data for 500 naira valid for 14 days and suitable for any device.

» MTN Night Plan

This plan is mainly accessible for Pulse users.
You are allowed to browse only within specified hours of the night (12 am to 4 am).
You will get 500MB with just ₦25 and works on all devices.

» MTN Youtube Data Plans

This plan is created for those who enjoy streaming videos on YouTube. The MTN Youtube plan is cheap and comes in two different packages – 1 hour for N150 and 3 hours for N400 .

You might want to as well learn of the cheapest tariff plans in Nigeria for calls,

In summary, when choosing a data plan to activate make sure it will be valuable in all ways. You can afford to subscribe a data plan then can't use it due to poor network.

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