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Do you really care about what you dream of in the night. Many people hardly ever dream in life and on the other side of the coin, people do dream. The tendency to dream depends on the kind of lifestyle one leads. An emotional person might be apt to dream; it might also depends on you being a natural dreamer. As some say, different dreams are associated with different meanings. Dreaming of food while sleeping have been blacklisted by many while eating of food is an indication of something - usually a negative one.

In many homes, it is taught that dreaming might be normal but becomes wrong if one dreams of eating food. As we all know, food is one of the basic ingredients on life – After Air and Water. The possibility of a physical being living without water is totally over the natural. Why then this highlight of eating in the dream?

When dreaming of which you are effecting the act of eating, the main theme of the dream as a whole isn't on eating. This is so because eating isn't the main activity one does when awake. This goes to show how dreams are connected with what one does in life. What one dreams also has connection with what one thinks. If you're one who really dwells on thinking about food, you might definitely dream of eating it one day.

For those who fall for food-dreaming, these dreams might have several symbolic meanings. It do have spiritual and psychological meaning. The spiritual meaning of eating in dreams would be deliberated as we read along.

When eating in dreams, the nature and type of the food might send a signal through. The quantity and quality of the food is another thing to note. The taste and aroma of the food is also a must to note as tasty food is associated with a comfort. If the food is a quality one, it might mean your preference, interest or envy towards quality foods. Quality food in dreams might also signify wealth or your predisposition towards wealth and riches — Good food are eaten by wealthy people.

You should also note the condition at the particular of eating the food — Did you make a move to share the food? Sharing food is a sign of love and care, so the act of sharing food in the dream might as well signal that. There is also the saying that “you are what you eat”. The phrase comes about as a result of 'what you eat' being probably the only thing that defines you entirely. You might not afford to eat costly food all the time while you are poor. Clothes cant explicitly define an individual as one can easily fake clothing.  What you eat during dreaming can go a long way to define the kind of person you are.

Accepting food in dreams might signify the acceptance of friendship, love or even a gift. Same is true if accepting a mother food in the dream. Lavish eating might mean the carelessness of the individual or how carefree one is.

If one dream of something getting stuck in our throats, it might signify some information some one is telling you, or maybe you are telling ourselves.  Dreaming of not being able to finish eating something, or of trying to eat something large can be a sign that we feel somewhere in life we may have reach out when you shouldn't.

Collectively, the physical meaning of eating in dreams are:

» If you dream of tasty food, it could be you are having some situations and problems difficult to solve.

» Food in dreams symbolizes well-being and prosperity – the amount of food we dream of, its quality might be a sign of increase in wealth.

» Dreaming of harmful and poisonous food might signify that some views and beliefs you stick to can poison your life.

» Sharing food in the dream might mean your mind is giving you a hint that you might start  sharing values and ideas you have with others.

» Dreaming about food cooked by yourself might have a meaning related to social life. If you were cooking food for someone or yourself, it might be a warning.

» Dreaming of a lavish ceremony or banquet might signify general abundance in life, not only in terms of material but emotional comfort.

→ Eating in dreams — Christian meaning

One key place that one sees eating in dreams in the bible is when Peter was dreaming of food. He dreamt of food because of his extreme hunger and God used food to give him a revelation then.

One might think of eating in dreams as a spiritual attack but that doesn't have a backing in the bible. If a hungry person goes to be without food, the feeling of hunger in the dream might be inevitable.

In Mark 16:18, the Bible says that even Christians who truly believe in God drink deadly poison, it cannot harm them:

They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well”.

→ Islamic interpretation of eating in dreams

»»» The price you pay to attain success in life

According to Islam, a good appetite in the dream signifies having a long life in the future.

Sharing the meal in the dreams might mean making new friends and acquaintances.

Dreaming of a dining table with a lot of food might mean blessing, financial success, and victory over the enemies. If you are dreaming of clearing the table, it might signify cessation of comfortable life.

Dreaming of the opponents sitting on one table might mean conflict or war.

Dreaming of the table with a lot of tasty foods might mean love between friends and family.

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