Welcome to new Xtremeloaded design and features


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Welcome to new Xtremeloaded design and features
Posted on: September 23, 2018, 11:34:27 AM
Thanks to all Xtremeloaded new and old members who have been there and still following us till date for their kind support and I want to use this medium to officially announced the positive changes we have made so far.

Am sure you have seen that Xtremeloaded looks different now but trust me, not only the look but we added more interesting features that you will surely like.

Many used to call Xtremeloaded Nairaland or other forums that pleases them while some said lots of things about copying Nairaland design which I have decided to end such speculations.

The fact is that even though that Xtremeloaded once used a similar design with others doesn't mean we want to copy them or be like them because they are who they are and we are who we are Xtremeloaded.

About the new design

I will like to explain a few things you need to know about the new design, how it works and important navigations you might be interested to know.


Going to www.xtremeloaded.com takes you to Xtremeloaded frontpage where we update you with all the latest post such as news, interesting gist and general guide.

Search box

If you are using a desktop/Laptop you will see a search box by the top right-hand side but when using mobile you can find it above the menu, such feature was missing in old design but we realized that you need it as it helps you search and find anything on xtremeloaded.



When you look above you will see recent among the menus which might be the most important area you need to go when you are in a haste and need to find all the recent posts and replies for the day.



Xtremeloaded frontpage is to update you with all the latest and popular pages while forum menu helps you discover and browse other boards and categories.


we have added a special PM (Personal messaging system) features that let you communicate with other forum members by sending and receiving messages from them with ease but unfortunately, you must be a registered member to enjoy this features.

Quick Reply Feature

We made another change that will enable both registered members and guest to share their opinions and views without any stress and quick reply option can be found at the end of each post before the footer.

If you have any problem finding what you are looking for or seeing some errors feel free to send me a mail at admin @ xtremeloaded.com

Finally, I will like to know your thought regarding the new design and features.

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Re: Welcome to new Xtremeloaded design and features
#1 Posted on: September 23, 2018, 05:06:09 PM
Awesome :)