MTN SME Data Plan - How To Start Selling Data In Nigeria


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MTN SME Data Plan - How To Start Selling Data In Nigeria
Posted on: October 10, 2018, 09:34:28 AM
Data is that measure inwhich telecom companies limit and control the use of internet through their networks. To access internet with any network you use, you have to pay for it as a reward to the telecom companies for providing you the gateway to access the web.

Some of these data plans are quite expensive, however, there are few cheap data plans currently.  The increase in the number of data users which is proportional to the number of smartphone users in the country has been encouraging to the ones venturing into the data reselling business.

The MTN SME Data Share is a prepaid service specifically designed for growing businesses, offering business owners the ability to buy MTN data bundles and share with their staff. This MTN SME data share medium can be utilized by those who are optimistic in the data share business. The steps toward activating this service is very smooth and easy to understand.

As the first step, you will need to first migrate to the MTN SME Plus tariff plan by texting 460 to 131 or dialing *461#.  Data Share Data is transferred to beneficiaries using the provided SMS or USSD code. The sharer of the data (sponsor) has the only control of allocating data.

How To Buy MTN SME Data Share bundle In Nigeria

To purchase an MTN SME Data Share bundle, you need to send 460 to 131 or dial *461# to migrate to the SME Plus Service Class.

Before dialing the digits, be sure that the airtime on your line is enough to purchase the bundles that are listed. You automatically pay for a data share bundle after sending the keyword that corresponds to the plan you wish to purchase.

You can as well also purchase airtime through VTU or any other way you usually top up your MTN line. 

How To Share MTN Data With a Beneficiary

To share your data, dial *461#. You will see in the menu an option to share your data to a beneficiary, follow the prompt.

It is pertinent to note that you can only share data in multiples of 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 5GB

How To Check MTN SME Data Share Balance | How beneficiaries can check theirs

  • You as the originator can simply send DATABALANCE to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt.

    Any beneficiary can check his/her own balance by sending SHAREBALANCE to 131 or dialing *461# and following the prompt.

The date that the parent data plan(the originating data) was due to expire is the same date that those of the beneficiaries shall expire. If the Sponsor’s originating bundle is a 30-day plan then the beneficiary's data would as well be a 30-day data plan.

Envisioning the amount of the Nigerian populace who are internet-oriented, who want to make use of their Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Most things are happening more online that in past years and that is a fact to be assured that the selling of data is one of Nigeria's lucrative venture. You can as conveniently as you can, check out the MTN SME Data share codes at MTN website.

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