Letter to Nigerian presidentand ASUU



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Letter to Nigerian presidentand ASUU
Posted on: October 03, 2013, 08:50:57 PM
The public universities has been in total doom due to the inability of FG to meet the demand of ASUU. How i wish this letter can meet with MR PRESIDENT and ASUU chairman. I speak for my self and nigeria
students at large that are affected by
this ASUU strike,to say we have been
feld up long time ago by this
ugly,unpleasant,and political
nonsence our FG and ASUU is into,gambling with our future,making
students to study a 4year COURSE with
5years,because of the persistent
striking ASUU has involved it self into. It has come to my notice that FG and
ASUU has no feelings for education the
way they claim, we were not involved
in their 2009 agreement and MOU of
2012,(1) so why are we now suffering
the negative outcome of the agreement? (2)the salaries of ASUU is still much
active,in other words,they are still
benefiting despite the on going
strike,we the student have every thing
to lose,because we are still going to
pay school fees after the strike must have wasted our precious
months,why must it be so? If an agreement is reached and
acknowledge by a law court,that
means such agreement is
legitimate,any party(s) that fails to
discharge its duty will b sue for breach
of agreement, so why can't ASUU sue FG for nt implementing the agreement
it entered freely with the union? I plead with ASUU to call off this over 3
months strike so that we can go back
to school and pick up the remaining
broken parts of our semester, mean
while, while the school is open for
students to receive lectures ASUU can sue FG to law court for more judicial
review. If I just spoke your mind or partially
please comment below,and also feel
free to criticize so I can have other
weakness to write on again. Written by: Romeo2334


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