Real Madrid Coach Lopetegui to be Sacked Today


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Real Madrid Coach Lopetegui to be Sacked Today
Posted on: October 29, 2018, 08:28:39 AM
Real Madrid Coach Lopetegui to be Sacked officially today and formal Chelsea boss, Conte to take over, according to the information we gathered Real Madrid has decided to do something fast regarding their new season poor start if they are to make it to the top again  "We have to take a decision. We can't continue like this any longer said by Real Madrid according to a reliable source".

The Europian champions Real Madrid has yesterday been defeated 5-1 on their first Clasico encounter which has never happened since 2009, it was a disaster for many Real Madrid fans seeing their supporting side being trashed 5-1 even without Barcelona's most feared player Lionel Messi.

Presently Barcelona is toping Liga table with 21 points while Real Madrid is holding on 9th position with 14 points making it 7 points below the table leader.

Real Madrid understands the risk and needed to take action immediately if they are to stand any chance of making any difference this season and their performance in UEFA champions league aren't better either.

We all expect to see the next line of action as Real Madrid executives scheduled a meeting today being Monday 29th Oct, where they will make Lopetegui's dismissal official and a formal announcement to follow as well.

Conte as a Real Madrid Coach

Many will surely be surprised why Madrid executive chose Conte as Lopetegui successor and the question now will be if the formal Chelsea boss will be able to deliver using the current Madrid team as expected.

The expectation is high and if in any way Conte fails to provide positive results for Real Madrid then it might be possible for them not to make Liga top 4 this season which will be a disaster to Madrid fans.

What Real Madrid wants from Conte

The Italian born coach Antonio Conte was sacked by England giant Chealse after two years in charge for something similar to what is happening to Madrid this season, Poor start that deprived Chelsea a place in UEFA Champions League but it's clear that Conte did great immediately he arrived Chelsea as a successor to José Mourinho.

Madrid will be expecting an immediate impact that will see them on top of the La-Liga table or somewhere close and as well maintaining their Champions League reputation and any failure will be a disaster.

What do you think

We are hoping that the official statement regarding Lopetegui's dismissal and a new successor will be announced soon but for the main time do you think that Real Madrid made a good choice choosing Conte to succeed Lopetegui's.

Will Conte be able to help Real Madrid achieve their goals in no time using Real Madrid current squad, share your views and opinions


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Re: Real Madrid Coach Lopetegui to be Sacked Today
#1 Posted on: December 16, 2018, 11:10:00 AM
We all know that this was coming. It started at how he was appointed and announced. I think that they have made the right decision in appointing Solari as the permanent manager. He has worked with youth and that is what Real Madrid need in order to renovate and expand the stadium.


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Re: Real Madrid Coach Lopetegui to be Sacked Today
#2 Posted on: February 06, 2019, 01:19:21 PM
He was sacked from his position and Solari was appointed his replacement. I think that the beginning was really bad for him. He was manager of the National Team and was sacked because of his Real Madrid announcement. I hope that Solari will replicate some of Zidane's success.