(Jumia & Konga) Share Your Online Shopping Experience


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(Jumia & Konga) Share Your Online Shopping Experience
Posted on: November 09, 2018, 09:48:22 AM
Have you ever bought anything online from Jumia or Konga and wish to share your experience with others, join the conversation and tell your fellow Nigerians and other Africans how you really enjoyed shopping online from one of the biggest online shopping malls mentioned above.

This thread will help those who are still afraid of paying for goods and services online and as well help them learn from those who shop online in Nigeria.

Some years back it was close to impossible for anyone to convince a Nigerian to shop online because they hardly trust themselves talk more of trusting any online shopping mall but things have changed now because 68% Nigerians now trust and shops online preferably Jumia, Konga and other trusted African based online shopping malls.

Share your experience

We will do one thing now, share with us how you been treated when you ordered for any product and services from Jumia or Konga, how fast is their delivery timeline, have they been able to meet up to your expectation, would you encourage others to start shopping online.

If you have bought anything from Jumia and Konga then tell us the best among the two online shopping platforms based on their customer care support, how fast they deliver to their customers and how easy it was to use any of the platforms.

My experience shopping Online

I am yet to buy from Konga but I have bought a couple of things from Jumia and I can be able to answer anything you ask me about Jumia because I have personally used them and they are good in what they do.

Previously I wrote how I shopped from Jumia and was tracking my product through DHL here but Jumia no longer use DHL for tracking instead they implemented their own personalized tracking system that looks simple and easy to understand.

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Am always happy buying things from Jumia because they are always available to assist anytime and even ready to change the product for you if you think they delivered the wrong product to you.

How Jumia Delivery tacking works

Jumia no long use DHL for delivery tracking which I believe that their reason is to cut the cost of delivery by implementing their own simple tracking system that explains the process and progress of their customer's product delivery.

Presently one of the products I bought from Jumia is still on its way and I will show you how i am tracking it with the new Jumia product status tracking system.

Order Status tracking

To track your product you will first need to check the order status that can be located when you log in to your profile and then click track last orders and you will see something like.

⇒ Your item has been fulfilled, its shipping is in progress
⇒ Your item is waiting for fulfillment
⇒ Your order is pending confirmation
⇒ Your order payment is processing

Your order payment is processing

Once you visit Jumia website and pay for any product and services then the first status you will see is that orders payment is processing which shows that they have received your payment but still processing the payment.

Your order is pending confirmation

After few minutes when they might have finished processing your payment then it goes to pending for more verification before they proceed to the next step and for status to change they might call or sent mall to you to confirm your order and payment.

Your item is waiting for fulfillment

After confirming your payment Jumia makes sure that the product you paid for is available and ready to be shipped to your destination and once ready for shipping then status will change.

Your item has been fulfilled, its shipping is in progress

This status is when jumia might have finished checking everything that needs to be checked and prepares your package for shipping and it might be the final status you will see until the product is delivered to you.

Product route Package tracking

Apart from a written status that you can see on Jumia website, you can as well be able to monitor the movement of your product with the help of their new Product route package tracking that will enable you to know the movement of your package but i guess that rout tacking has not been implemented fully.

SMS Notifications

You might not even need to check the status of your package online because Jumia will update you through SMS by sending you all update about your package directly to your phone number.

Finally, I have just narrated my experience and all know about Jumia but I still want to know more about Konga and as well hear from others who shop from any other online shopping platform in Nigeria.

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