How to share/watch a decoder’s satellite signal on two or more televisions/decoders


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Cable tv subscription isn't that cheap these days and people do have enough reasons to share satellite signals via different televisions atleast between rooms.

To share these signals is perhaps simple but some techniques might lead to loss of great amount of signals. There are also ways you can channel a single dish's signal to a up to 8 decoders. Sharing of signal increases productivity and profits in places like hotels, hostels or public places of the sort.

It's side effect still remains that these signals might be reduced by more than half. Apart from these methods, you can also try out Dstv's Extra view settings.

How to connect a decoder’s signal to two or more televisions using the RF port

If you are used to your decoder at home, you may have seen the RF ports labelled the 'RF IN' and the 'RF OUT'. The basics behind this is that as usual, connect your LNB cable to a sattelite dish outside through a decoder to one of your television.

Then, connect one end of a RF cable to the RF OUT and the other end to the other TV’s RF IN . From this second TV set, begin a search as though searching for signal in TV mode. You should be able to lay hold of a signal. This same process can be repeated to accomodate mutiple tv's. The downside is that you will watch only what the receiver at the primary end is watching.

How to watch a satellite's signal with multiple decoders by looping

This is practisable with decoders that come the LNB loop port. This can be confirmed by checking the back of your decoder near the RF IN/OUT.

As usual, connect one LNB cable to the satellite dish and the other end to the LNB input at the back of the primary decoder. With another coaxial/LNB cable, connect from primary decoder's “LNB Out / LOOP OUT” to the other decoder’s LNB IN.

It's as simple as that, however for them to work make sure bot decoder are in the same frequency and are the same branded decoder. Both of the decoder must also be turned on as well,

How to extend your decoder’s signals using Multiple-Ways LNBf

This is simply the sharing of the dish's signal with more decoders wich works independent of each other. This device ranges from a two way to even an eight way octa(8) LNBf - one dish/antenna to eight decoders. A multi-pin LNBf doesn't cause any lose or disruption of signals.
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