List of Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria you might wish to know


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List of Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria you might wish to know
Posted on: November 13, 2018, 12:36:55 AM
The country, Nigeria is subdivided into different states which all differ from each other in culture, physique, language and indeed natural resources.

Some states are so blessed to be situated on grounds that boasts of rich resources while others lack these natural gift. Questions like: Which state among the 36 in Nigeria has the highest number of resources? Which state is the richest in Nigeria? What is the revenue of these richest states most atimes do arise as arguments or mere inquisition.

The list of the richest states in the country is up to date and is based on the internally generated revenue of the state.

10 Richest States in Nigeria 2019

1.Lagos state$33,679 billion
2.Rivers state$21,073 billion
3.Delta state$16,749 billion
4.Oyo state$16,121 billion
5.Imo state$14,212 billion
6.Kano state$12,393 billion
7.Edo state$11,888 billion
8.Akwa Ibom state$11,179 billion
9.Ogun state$10,470 billion
10.Kaduna state$10,334 billion

Lagos State with GDP of $33,679 billion

The state - Lagos isn't a mere state; it is more of a city througout and one of the largest in the world. The state boasts of the title of the biggest urban conurbation in West Africa with a GDP greater than that of 42 African nations put together.

To describe the state much better, it is said that if Lagos were to be a country, it would have the 5th largest economy in Africa with internally generated revenue greater than that of 30 states combined.

Rivers state with GDP of $21,073 billion

This state gains more from oil and it's capital is credited to be the oil hub of Africa. It is of note that oil was first discovered in Nigeria in Rivers state and this has anchored many investment in this sector in the state.

The state's slogan truly defines the state as the country's 'treasure base'.

Delta State with GDP of $16,749 billion

Once known as the state with the highest oil production before being overtaken by Akwa ibom, Delta state sits as the 3rd richest state in Nigeria.

It's industrial city - warri is home to many oil companies accounting to the revenue earned by the state.

Oyo state with GDP of $16,121 billion

The state is largely known for it's mechanized farming. Crops like millet, rice, cashew, cocoa and other cash crops are favoured by the topography and climate of the state.

It's boundary share with Lagos accords it of population surge from the city of Lagos into it’s capital city Ibadan.

Imo state with $14,212 billion GDP

This state is recently into the list of oil producing states in Nigeria with about 162 oil wells located at different locations around.

This coupled with large palm plantation projects the state as one of Nigeria's richest.

Kano state with $12,393 billion GDP

The capital of Kano state, Kano is mainly a commercial city with modern infrastructure, malls, markets, industries (textile, leather, cotton).

The state is an ancient one in the north and boast of high rate of population. It recently has longest flyover in Africa.

Edo state with GDP of $11,888 billion

This is another economic and commercial hub in the Niger delta region. It has it's capital at Benin City and is a well known oil producing state.

Akwa ibom state with GDP of $11,179 billion

Akwa Ibom state is currently the state with the highest production of crude oil. It is a coastal Niger Delta state bordering the Atlantic ocean to the south.

Much of the wealth of the state comes from oil. The state has Uyo as it's capital.

Ogun state with $10,470 billion GDP

Ogun state's close proximity with Lagos accords it of industrialization overflow. It is the most industrialized state in Nigeria after Lagos and has one of the largest industrial estate in the country.

The state also has the highest number of universities in Nigeria.

Kaduna state with $10,334 billion GDP

Kaduna state has the largest university in sub-haran Africa in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Agriculture is the major economic activity in the state

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