10 Businesses to start with N10,000 (N10k) in Nigeria


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10 Businesses to start with N10,000 (N10k) in Nigeria
Posted on: November 20, 2018, 11:27:07 PM
Cheap ideas to start a good 2021 exists in plenty. They just need your working hand to turn them into money. There are many big mens and women who had used meagre sum of money to start multi-million businesses of today.

If asked how they started, they might say they started it with passion but certainly on time. Starting your dream business on time despite the amount you have at hand is a wise decision as time doesn't respect personality.

The following listed business ideas are for set-up sum equal to or less than N10k.

List of Businesses to Start With 10,000 Naira or Less In Nigeria

1. Recharge card/ VTU Business

As always, this business demands you locate your shop where there is availability of customers. Many people can't do without recharge cars in a day. As far as the place is exposed, there sure should be sale which then means profit.

2. Car wash

This business still demands exposure but also enough water supply. It just doesn't need explanations, just put your stock together and get going!

3. Pop corn business

Making popcorn isn't a big deal so going into the business shouldn't as well. Just learn to make a perfect sweet-smellin one, make it taste and off you go - you are into business.

4.  Mini Agriculture

Start up a farming business with the little N10k you are with. You can plant vegetables and sell at an appropriate time. Planting doesn't require much skills; even if it had, you can learn. It depends on how passionable you are!

5. Barbing

This kind of business is highly recommended for men. Even if the cost of rent is much, you can still negotiate and get your thing going. Barb well and you will see your business slowly grow!

6. Hair dressing

In direct opposite to barbing, the hairdressing type of business is recommended for women/girls. Like barbing, the cost of renting might be a bit much, just negotiate or add some pluses or minuses to your capital you wanted to start this business.

7. Selling used cloths

Here, you just have to buy used cloth for less price from locations far-off and sell it at a price a little higher than the cost price.

8. Production Of Zobo, cocktail and such drinks

Many people are lovers of these drinks especially if you serve it with eatables like bread, sausage rolls and the likes. You just need creativity to beat off competitors. 

9. Lesson classes

You might kickoff a lesson class for pupils or students without spend up to half of N10k. Organize the class effectively and the turnout would signal incoming income for you. You need a location which is condusive and spacy. Be sure to make it fun!

10. Bulk SMS

Help people send SMS to many people at a time and earn income as pay for service. This business would surely need some online presence.

You can as well lookout on the top 10 business you should start with 50k in Nigeria. The kind of country and leadership we are into is tough and need tough people to breakthrough. The leaders that are aspiring to rescue the country are still the same criminals whose aim is to continue their selfishness.

Businesses are rather made hard which should have been supersmooth, it could however be waded with a steady head coupled with a steady hand. Your business might not boom on a go, it needs care to make it stand out and expand. Care for your business well as if all depends on it not minding how small it is as a start. As always, start 2021 a better person! 

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Re: 10 Businesses to start with N10,000 (N10k) in Nigeria
#1 Posted on: June 24, 2022, 10:00:36 AM

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