Why You shouldn’t bother having Enemies


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Why You shouldn’t bother having Enemies
Posted on: December 15, 2018, 08:08:37 AM
If you believe you have enemies who don’t wish you well then you should be happy because the more enemies you have simply explained how successful are.

In other words, those people we see as enemies are those who always find bad things inside every single Good thing in us, those who will be pleased to see our downfall, those who are pleasured to tell the world how bad we are even when they are not in any way better.
Understanding that you have an enemy means that you are equally an enemy to someone else but trust me having enemies really shows you are a successful and a person with great potentials.

The only people that have less or no enemy are those mad people working around the streets and roads but once you are doing well you must have someone who is jealous of you and even if you are not doing well, there are some people who don’t like your style and probably want you out of their way.

Do you know why you shouldn’t bother having enemies?

Successful people are those who have more enemies, when you are doing well then be rest assured that you are blocking someone’s way, at least that’s how they see it, they hate to hear that you are doing well.

Do you know that there are some friends who can only remain your friends once you are not up to their level or inferior to them and once you have started doing well then you will become an enemy because they never wanted you to rise up, they want to keep helping you but don’t wish to be helped by you, I have tested such friends that is why I strongly believe that success attracts more enemies and you should not bother yourself about it.

Take for instance I saw some negative stories against the Nigeria popular celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji who recently had her first child at the age of 37/38 out of wedlock in which she has also explained the circumstances behind it and pleaded to all young girls who are looking up to her as a role model to understand and forgive her not actually for having her son which she named Jayce but said sorry for doing the right thing in a wrong way which she never wanted but life can be unpredictable.

Linda publicly shared her private life stories just the same way she would have if it was another celebrity but some took it to social media especially Facebook and said a lot of bad things about her.

It doesn’t matter if she is right or not but the bottom line here is that your enemies are looking for an opportunity to pull you down, by all means, they want to make you look bad in front of everyone and your downfall is their biggest victory.

Don’t waste your time trying to please all.

Having enemies don’t necessarily mean that you are a bad person but instead, it signifies that you have some great potentials in you but always remember that once there is positive there is always a negative.

Some will surely admire you while some will hate you including everything you do and you can never change that because everything that has a positive side has a negative side.


To be happy pay attention to those who really cares and ignore those who don’t care but always love all.

Prove to those who love and cherish you that they are not wrong to be on your side, keep your head up and give them the reason to say yes am proud of you while making your enemies turn to your side since they can’t stop you and had no option but to join the moving train.

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