Are you the type of Woman a Man really wants?


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Are you the type of Woman a Man really wants?
Posted on: December 15, 2018, 01:25:47 PM
We often talk about marriage, friendship, and relationship in general but today we are going to ask ourselves some important questions, are you the type of Woman a man will be dying to have by his side as a wife or just a playground for men.

Some women are not yet married today not because they don’t wish to get married or because they don’t have what it takes but because they are misinformed, how?
Young Girls these days believes that getting the right man or getting whatever they want is all about looking good and attractive while some believes they have some irresistible curves and backside that will make any man beg for their attention, well am not against those things and yes it’s very important to look good but when it comes to marriage and happiness then it’s totally different and all you need to do is to get yourself acquainted with the right information.

Your beauty is just like a body of a car that can be seen and admired but will be less valued when the real engine is not working up to the expectation.

How fast a car can run is only determined by the engine and your physical appearance might totally be different from who you really are that is why some men look for a good car with both good body and engine or probably more interested in the engine than the body.

What a man wants in a friendship might be different from what he wants in a marriage that is why after many years of friendship they still abandon their girlfriends and go for that person they wish to spend the rest of their life with.

The first thing every reasonable man wants in a marriage is happiness and peace of mind while other things follow because if you tell me that what a man first want is children then what if after having all the children and his house becomes a wrestling ring.
Your God-given curve and attractive backside can attract all types of men just like a well-built house that many wish to be the owner but without running water and electricity.

Men can be attracted by those things but they will be tired within a short period of time unless you have other things within you to back it up.

Forget your beauty and your curve someone wants you to be his source of happiness, a man needs his missing bone to make him a complete man and not just a beautiful woman.

Why you are not finding the right Man for marriage

You might still be single today simply because you have chosen the wrong path I remembered asking a friend what is holding her and she told me that she needs to enjoy life to the fullest before getting married which might not be wrong it’s just her choice but what is wrong is that while enjoying life many will make themselves a shopping mall where every man can help themselves and when they are probably ready for marriage the same men that were patronizing them will be the one to tell anyone who asks of them to run without looking back.

Some girls have earned themselves a baptismal name “Public Toilet” but responsible women understand that their body is their prestige, Treasure, and honor and don’t mess around to attract responsible men who are looking for someone special and precious.

No matter what you do and how you do it people are watching your movement and if you are not careful with your life then it might hunt you down when you really need someone to call husband.

If you doubt me look around and you will see that many girls who are careful with their life attract men who are ready to settle down and not just those who want to have their own share of their body and run.

You will never understand why people look at you

You are feeling good that all eyes are on you while wearing that indecent dressing, showing off your body in a manner that many will pity you and you think that you are being admired right, no you can only attract irresponsible men because real men are searching for a well-packaged pot full of goodies.

It takes a lot to attract the type of man that will fulfill your dream in life and if that’s what you want then learn how to live right in a wrong world.

Let your character influence and attract the right man for you and you will see how good life can be together.
Finally, as you are looking for Mr and Miss right you should try as much as you can to make yourself a perfect choice for someone out there.

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