New Year Revolution (become a better person in 2019)


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New Year Revolution (become a better person in 2019)
Posted on: December 31, 2018, 08:03:05 AM
Great, you made it to the last day of the year 2018 and about to crossover to a blissful year 2019 just in a few hours time from now and i know you are already in 2019 because nothing will stop you from celebrating this new year in a grand style.

Everything about 2018 will be over soon and it doesn't matter whether 2018 was great year or not the question now should be what next?.
New year is not only the day to celebrate and eat but to cross check yourself looking at the past, present and the future, amending your ways and improving yourself to a new standard.

What is New Year Revolution:

New Year Revolution is a perfect time when you rethink and decide to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve your life and that perfect time is now.

You might be sad that what you planned to achieve in 2018 was not accomplished and when you look around you might not see any reason to be happy but don't worry 2019 will be better, all you need is to make some necessary changes, take a positive steps and you will see something positive in your life.

Becoming a better person in 2019

If you are smart and wise you will tell yourself i will not remain the same this year 2019, tell yourself that you are going to make it happen this year, tell yourself no more dulling i will fight till the end.

You really need to convince yourself that you are qualified to be there, be optimistic, think positive and take action and you will definitely see a positive results.

Crosscheck the past

Time to stop those things that doesn't add any value to your life, it could be bad friends that always buys you drinks and food but never offer you a penny to solve your problem or to add in your business.

What about those guys or girls that never care about your future but always help in making sure that your pocket stays empty, those things that is drawing you back should be avoided this year.

Do you always take 2 to 5 bottles of beer daily to cool your head, my brother you are spending large sum of money without knowing it and sometimes your daily income is not up to such amount of money you spent so how can you make it.

Plan and Stay focused

You need to plan well and stay focused; don't live a life of let tomorrow think for itself because you can decide what happens tomorrow, you can change tomorrow.

Do you know that someone paid a price for his or her family to become rich, i don't mean money rituals but through planning and hardworking and you can be the light in your family and a reason why they are not being insulted.

Finally, I Pray that year 2019 will put smile on your face just believe and it shall come to pass, this year will be a better year and all the good things of life will take orders from you this year Amen.

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