Ways to Increase Your Personal income in Nigeria


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Ways to Increase Your Personal income in Nigeria
Posted on: January 12, 2019, 12:07:46 AM
Today you hear the economy is weak. This was the same headline you heard yesterday and even two days ago. There's no doubt it wouldn't still be heard of tomorrow.These are bad news but that shouldn't stop you from planning to get a good personal income.

As a student, worker, trader, enterpreneur we do have incomes which are personal to each of us - how do we then increase them?

One might think, what's the need to get a personal income increased as far as it's still coming in? An innovative individual on the other hand would be thinking of finalising deals and targeted investments, weighing oppurtunities and making a leap for them.

We've discussed on several money-making ventures one can start. One of such is a N10,000 business idea. Much more have also been said of funding. There's highlighted the various empowerment schemes to vie for this year.

Personal incomes can kickstart businesses - many enterpreneurs can testify of this. As a student these are money you earn daily, weekly, bi-monthly , or monthly.

Students don't get much income independently, they depend more from money from parents adding it up with tokens from well wishers and family members. However little it might be, it's an income.

As far as there's is something coming in periodically, it can be increased. Talking about incomes of students, there are students whose income surpasses those of some working class. They acquire skills and get themselves some odd jobs which adds to their day's incomes.

Students can be a lively companion at the workplace especially if it's related to his/her programme of study. Vibrant youths get works done efficiently well as they are full of strength. Aside learning important skills, the next important thing is that these youths have some 'change' in the pockets. Add that to sustenance funds from parents, then you can't deny that the've got income!

Aside students, the worker do get  some distinct amount of income in wages and bonuses. There are the self-employed who they themselve determine the amount of income to drive in.

Enterpreneurs are among the list of workers - their income depends on the fluctuations of their enterprise. A good enterpreneur need to predict how his income would be in the future.

Shifting attention from works and proffession, facts shows all grown-up has some income in one way whatsoever. These are what you mainly use in purchase and there's much need to have it increased.

Chances might be, you are barely managing the current income scale and then you need to perhaps plan for the future.  Increasing personal income shouldn't be mis-matched with savings. Although saving funds is part of steps to income increase, it's isn't it in it'self.

Before outlining the ways a personal income could be expanded, it is important to clear some impressions. Your personal income is just like your economy. You can take for instance the economy of the country - it spans round more that just the monetary value at the moment in the treasury but the facts of how the country's economic projections are. This means it's arbitrarily the economy of a person.

As all fingers aren't equal, individuals aren't blessed with the same financial strength. There are the ones whose income are quite below the par and there are others whose own are large. One person did say that he lacks money, then informed me as well that it's isn't that he don't have some funds but because it isn't satisfying as should be to him. All what he later tried to make understand was that people lack money in scales: what the other have might be N10,000 and still say he lacks while another might have two N100 and say he lacks. I had to agree with him at the end.

Despite your scales, you might increase your income to a personal best as much as you follow the guide.

Image credit:123rf.com

How to increase your income in Nigeria

Internet writers(which are quite increasing these days) would tell you many ways which you can get much money easily mostly on the web. How does that happen that easy?

Working on such principles would land you where wouldn't want to near. There's no guarantee the steps in upgrading you income might be easy, you might even sacrifice you main work afterall. The steps in upgrading you personal economy are outlined in no particular order below:

Go back to school

If you've got enough fund, try appying for study in a good tertiary institution for another certification. Getting a degree in a university would boost your high income chances in your current employment or any other. If admission offer might hamper your chances in a university, then have a try at polytechnics or colleges.

To greatly bolster your high income chances at your workplace, you can opt for a higher certification on your work field. There are some workplaces that do pay you for enrolment into a certification sheme and that would have lessen your expenses there at school. It is unlikely that you will get allowances for a further certification in Nigeria, however, a good certification ups the dignity and prominent inclusion of an individual in the society as well as increase his/her chances of a high-paying job.

Be a thinker

Really breaking through a skimpy income towards a better one needs a calm mind with a stable brain.

Advances just doesn't necessarily take people unaways, you've got to work for it. Being a thinker isn't just a mere thoughts or day dreams. It includes planning, cross-checking and re-planning. For example, a kid whose parents wants a better future for, would urge him always to move beyond his/her comfort zone. The individual needs to wake up and experiment on some life situations even at a young age. Excess cushioning reduces effectiveness and might bury talents aswell.

As much as you can, try to think more than average - don't settle for such. Deliberate on the hindrances that might follow an ambition and how you intend to tackle them. Don't get too over-excited on one solution. Try to provide yourself with more solutions and projections. Make a plan of all these and hopefully it would click!

Start a side hustle

 'Hustling' and 'muscling' isn't a new slang in Nigeria's social media world. They are terms used to describe part-time jobs.

Actually, side hustle are part-time jobs and hustle. However, it's a kind of hustle combined with a main work. This is one of the ways to increase yor income in the country where things keep on inflating.

Starting a side hustle demands possessing some skills. Getting to learn a skill has been some people's trouble over the years but that shouldn't be a problem to you. Some people are endowed with certain skills but you might possess one which you need to unveil it up yourself.

One tip to getting hold of a side-hustle is by doing one which you're passionate about. Side hustles like blogging, vlogging, SEO consultants, website designing, graphic designing, and tons of more abound and there should be ones which you have passion for.

Make Money with Your Hobbies

Plan and turn those things you usually do at free times into money. There are hobbies you love doing which unknowing to you, might generate some amount of income to your reserves.

Are you good at beads design? In your spare time, craft a presentable piece and give a try at marketing them. Some are good at making delicacies and some other crafts, put more ambition into creating them and let people know of them.

It is no doubt some of your hobbies might change your lifestyle but it's better to pursue the money than exhaust in pride.

Follow the money and stay focused

Being delligent at a workplace might earn you some extra coins as well. This is if you really work for the good of the firm you're in. The income might be in form of bonuses and promotions rewarded for outstanding performances.

Whole-hearted services do pay especially if you possess some iota of uniqueness. Following the money in a workplace doesn't necessarily mean requesting for increases or switching jobs, it's just knowing your rights and pays while giving out your best for the employers.

As a tip, if you intend to make more income, don't necessarily spend more of your earnings. Atleast a quater of your income should be saved for other side-investments.

As a young unemployed youth, there's nothing wrong in following the money in good companies. In Nigeria, such are oil companies. However, as was said before, immediate money isn't an assure income, financial projections are.

As an end note, to gain enough and increasing income, think, analyse and actualize!

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