List of February 2019 Latest Free To Air(FTA) Channels, Frequencies and Tracking Positions


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Viewing satellite and terrestrial television free is a privilege many don't toy with. In Nigeria, viewing FTA(free to air) channels is mostly facilitated with the popular 'strong' decoder.

Some channels are permanently free to air while some are temporary so. With FTA, you have the advantage of watching various channels that's show live soccer games(EPL, La liga, UEFA champion league), Movie, Fashion, News etc.

Unlike other television services, such as DSTV and GOTV, FTA satellites don’t come with a subscription price. All you have to do is to pay once for the equipment and the installation. As it's not a permanent paid service, FTA channels might have fluctuations in tracking positions and frequencies. Some might even go off with time.

The 2019 updated list of free to air channels and frequency is a successor to the piece: free to air channels and how to track

2019 updated list of free-to-air frequencies

Eutelsat 36°
Position: 36° East
Frequency: 12245
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500

Eutelsat 7°

Position: 7° East
Frequency: 11599
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500
Dish Size: 1m/ 100cm

Intelsat 20

Position: 68.5° East
Frequency: 12633
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 16166
Dish Size: 0.6m/ 60cm

Intelsat 7

Position: 68.5° East
Frequency: 12722
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 26657
Dish Size: 0.6m/ 60cm

Ses 4.8°

Position: 4.8° East
Frequency: 12014
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 30000
Dish Size: 0.6m/ 60cm

Mega Choice

Position: 29/30° East
Frequency: 11294
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 45000
Dish Size: 1m/ 100cm

Multi TV (Astra2F)

Position: 28.2°/ 28.5°/ 26° East
Frequency: 11595
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 30000
Dish Size: 1m/ 100cm

Hotbird 13°

Position: 13° East
Frequency: 11541
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 22000
Dish Size: 3m/ 300cm


Position: 9° East
Frequency: 11804
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500
Dish Size: 1m/ 100cm


Position: 22° West
Frequency: 10986
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 30000
Dish Size: 0.6m/ 60cm


Position: 35.9° East
Frequency: 11843
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500


Position: 20°East
Frequency: 3712
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 1599


Frequency: 3884
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500

Dish on TV promo

Frequency: 11938
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500

CCTV 4 Europe

Frequency: 12034
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500

CGTN Documentary

Frequency: 12073
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500

Tracking Positions And Their Channels

11595 V 30000-5/6

Rejoice TV
Atinka TV
Lion TV
Paradise TV
Chief TV
Ice TV (Ghana)
Yes TV
Philico TV
Prophet 1 TV
Price TV
NTV (Ghana)
Sagani TV
Amen TV (Ghana)
Jericho TV
Kiss TV
Ogyaba TV
Thunder TV
New Frontiers TV
Power TV
Obolo TV

11635 V 30000-5/6

Horama TV
Maranatha TV
Honi TV
Excel TV
Nazareth TV
Sunshine TV (Ghana)
High TV (Ghana)
Starr TV
Atlantic TV
Network Kantanka TV
Cosmopolitan TV
Igwee TV
Adinkra TV
Cash TV (Ghana)
Bohyeba TV
Great 1 TV
Second Chance TV
Okese TV
Akwasi Awua TV
Bohye TV

11675 H 30000-5/6

Label TV
SES promo PasDan TV
Galaxy TV
Quest TV
Core TV News

12525 V 30000-5/6

Joy Prime
Adom TV
Joy News
Cine Plus
Sweet TV
Pent TV
Zylofon TV Gh
One Aseda TV
Ghana TV
Cross TV
Zoe TV
TV 3 (Ghana)
ZTV Ghana
Precious TV
Royal TV (Ghana)
Kessben TV
Angel TV (Ghana)
Elijah TV
TV Xyz

12565 H 30000-2/3

Play + Gof TV

12605 V 30000

One HD
Insaaniyya TV
Pio TV
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