List of Governors In Nigeria 2019 (current 36 states + FCT minister)


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Nigeria has 36 states across it's 6 geo-political zones. Each state has it's constitutionally backed political head - a governor.

They are most atimes the most revered personnel across each of the states given the fact that they perform certain exclusive duties.

Being much nearer to the people, the Governors represent an immediate government to the people, and a seemingly popular one at that. The position of the governor of each state is anonymous to that of the president of a country in a presidential government system.

They both sign bills into law, implement policies that augment the IGR of their entity through timely and intelligent execution.

The importance of these executives couldn't less be said.

The governor of each state had some requirements before being given such mandate. One of the requisite is that, he/she should belong to a political party. This shouldn't be obscure to identify as being the mandate winning factor, it's (their political party) always epitomised by these governors anytime, anywhere possible.

Another requisite to being a governor is contesting and winning an election. Contesting for an election requires going through the primaries of the political party of choice. The independent National electoral commission - the body responsible for conducting election in the country authenticates such primary.

Registration with the independent electoral body is done by your political in your stead. All your document required of by the body would have been made available to them.

Winning an election on the set date determined by the body is based on your acceptance and popularity. The most important factor is your antecedents, you would likely be voted in due to what the masses knew you to be, haven occupied a similar position or any leadership post.

In a free and fair election, that's what should happen, however that's isn't the case in the country. Intending Governors including other political aspirers clinch their various seats through Godfatherism, vote buying and other election defects. Over ambitious politicians trample on the loopholes of elections to gain their needs.

The different Governors when elected has the full responsibility to harness the resources of the state for communual benefits, improve the entirety of functions in the state.

The executive arm of the state is responsible for providing and presenting the state budjet to it's independent legislative assembly. To be definite, the governors and his/her co-executives have a farther control of a state's treasury.

That doesn't mean they are the owners of the state treasury.

They are only entitled to about 2.2 million naira as salary for a month. Adding other allowances accorded the personality of that position, it might sum up to 5 million naira a month.

This as you could see doesn't explain where the numerous funds personally disbursed by the governors emanate from.

A governor stays in power for 4 years , however, if he's needed again by the people, he might be returned elected for another final 4years. After completion of his/ her second term, he's not permited constitutionally any longer to go father than that as a governor.

Major political parties in Nigeria has their share of governors.
» The ruling party, the APC has the greatest share of the governors distribution with 22 governors.
» The major opposition party, the PDP has it's share of 10 governors.
APGA has 1 governor.

There are few states whose election weren't finalised in the just concluded guberturnarial elections. The affected states are asterisked and would be discussed below.

Viewing closely the tabulated data below, you would notice that the PDP is predominant in the southern part of the country while, the APC has much control of the north.

These two main political party determines how the presidential polls are won. Having more reach and popularity, these two political platform always decide the next president. Below is the list of governors, their parties and state governed.

List of 36 State Governors in Nigeria 2019

1.Abia StateDr Victor IkpeazuPDP
2.Adamawa State* Jibrilla JindowAPC
3.Akwa IbomEmmanuel UdomPDP
4.Anambra StateWillie ObianoAPGA
5.Bauchi StateBarrister Mohammed AbubakarAPC
6.Bayelsa StateHenry DicksonPDP
7.Benue StateSamuel OrtomPDP
8.Borno StateKashim ShettimaAPC
9.Cross River StateProf. Ben AyadePDP
10.Delta StateIfeanyi OkowaPDP
11.Ebonyi StateDave UmahiPDP
12.Edo StateGodwin ObasekiAPC
13.Enugu StateIfeanyi UgwuanyiPDP
14.Ekiti StateJohn OluKayode FayemiAPC
15.Gombe StateAlhaji Muhammad Inuwa YahayaAPC
16.Imo StateChukwuemeka IhediohaPDP
17.Jigawa StateAlhaji Muhammad BadaruAPC
18.Kaduna StateNasirel RufaiAPC
19.Kano StateUmar GandujeAPC
20.Katsina StateAminu MasariAPC
21.Kebbi StateAtiku BaguduAPC
22.Kogi StateYahaya BelloAPC
23.Kwara StateAbdulrahman AbdulrazaqAPC
24.Lagos StateBabajide Sanwo-OluAPC
25Nasarawa StateUmaru Al-MakuraAPC
26.Niger StateAbubakar Sanu-Lulu BelloAPC
27.Ondo StateRotimi AkeredoluAPC
28.Ogun StateDapo AbiodunAPC
29.Osun State* Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega OyetolaAPC
30.Oyo StateSeyi MakindePDP
31.Plateau StateRt Hon Simon LalongAPC
32.Rivers State* Nyesom WikePDP
33.Sokoto StateAminu TambuwalPDP
34.Taraba StateMr. Darius IshakuPDP
35.Yobe StateIbrahim GeidamAPC
36.Zamfara StateMukthar IdrisAPC
- Abuja F.C.TMohammed Bello -

* Adamawa state - Final colation was pursed by a court ruling in the state. PDP's Ahmadu Fintiri  was leading in the polls.

* Osun state - An election tribunal upturned the sept 2018 victory of oyetola. PDP's Adeleke was declared winner by the court. A higher court ruling is being awaited.

* Rivers state - After irregularities involving the police and army personnel, the collation and announcements of results from the state was paused till 2 April. Please note that changes might be made to this thread as updates keep filling in.
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