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As most bloggers know, the answer to the question above is a resounding: yes, probably. It is quite possible to blog for profit, and it’s not too much to expect that you can spend less money on your blog than the money you bring in. But it’s certainly not simple. In fact, many people assume they’ll be making a profit with their blog and are sorely disappointed by the level of incoming cash. Years from now you could be collecting a few hundred dollars a week for very little time and effort. Or you could see $20 come in every few months.

Using Ads to Bring in Cash

The first and easiest way to make cash with a blog is by setting up ads. If you use Blogger (Blogspot) be sure to add a few Google Ads widgets. These work if people click on them. Google is in charge of making sure that the ads on each page of your blog are make sense. In other words, they’ll be mining your posts for keywords and displaying ads that they think people reading your blog posts are interested in. So the pressure is on Google to get people to click on the ads. They get paid by the company advertising on your site, you get paid by Google. So you just put them up and hope Google knows what they’re doing (they do) and poof your blogging for profit! (wait, don’t get excited yet)

But this is not going to make you a big profit, especially not at first. Your readers may be on your blog to read about what you’ve written, but they’re not necessarily going shopping at your site. The flip size of Google Ads is driving traffic to your site by paying Google to advertise elsewhere. They’ll use the same strategy, meaning that they’ll try to advertise where it makes sense and where people will be likely to click on your ads. You’ll pay, but it will also increase the number of people coming to your site. You can also control the amount you spend on ads so that you’re never going over a set daily budget.

Becoming an Affiliate to Blog For Profit

To take ads to the next level, you’ll want to specifically use keywords that target particular products. The most obvious choice is to work with Amazon. To become an Amazon affiliate you’ll need to set up an account with them and add their ads to your blog. Any traffic that goes from your site to Amazon will result in a bit of income for you. For example, if you review a product like a camping stove, your ads can be for that very camping stove, for sale on Amazon. If your review results in someone deciding to buy the stove from Amazon, via your blog, you’ll get a commission from the sale.

Many companies have affiliate programs, from electronic cigarette makers to clothing companies. Reviewing products and getting traffic to visit your review is a very popular way that bloggers attempt to blog for profit, and it can pay off. But it will take a lot of work, research, and a good reputation.

Reputation Online

Probably the most valuable thing you can do is build up your reputation. Both your reputation with search engines and within a certain community will have an effect on how many people visit your site. If you specialize in technology reviews, you’ll be competing with other tech blogs, so you’d better offer something new and interesting.

You’ll need to find that niche that people want to read about and then continue to produce good content. The more traffic, the more opportunities to blog for profit.

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