Airtel *370# Alternative Data Line Manager - How it works


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Airtel *370# Alternative Data Line Manager - How it works
Posted on: May 28, 2019, 10:22:10 PM
Airtel Nigeria as well projected from this end are on their way to become Nigeria's widely accepted telecom network.

After series of promos and releases, Airtel Nigeria have come again with a new feature which it calls, 'Airtel Data Line Manager'.

The feature allows a customer to use different sim cards to access data of a sim card conveniently. This Airtel Data Line Manager simply allows you to use the data subscription activated from a unique sim card in all devices, like Mifi, Router, Modem.

Introducing the feature, @AirtelNigeria said;
We just made your job easier. By dialing *370#, you can do your data subscription for all your devices from your phone. Dial *370# to get started.

Steps To Use The Airtel Data Line Manager

The feature is as simple to activate as stated by the network provider on it's social handle.

Start by dialing *370# on your phone. A list of options would be presented you. Follow the screen prompt to register your preferred data line. This is the line which contains a subscribed data bundle.

In one of the other options, you will be able to register a subsidiary line, let's say 'line B'.

The whole process is that when you subscribe on line A, you’ll be able to use Line B to browse. This can be extended to other lines and devices you own.

It totally removes the stress of different subscriptions on multiple devices.

Frank Umoh

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Re: Airtel *370# Alternative Data Line Manager - How it works
#1 Posted on: July 27, 2020, 06:38:05 PM
Have been trying to register my data line and time I imput a description it will be rejected. What's an example of the description?