DSTV Nigeria Frequency, Dish Position and Symbol rate 2019


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DSTV Nigeria Frequency, Dish Position and Symbol rate 2019
Posted on: June 09, 2019, 11:23:46 PM
DSTV is a recognized satellite brand in Africa and most-especially in Nigeria. It gets it's largest market share in Nigeria where it boasts of some thousands of subscribers.

Dstv is a subsidiary brand under 'Multichoice Africa' which has it's origin in South Africa. The satellite tv company has long dominated the industry in Africa despite competitions.

To dillute their market monotony, Startimes was brought to the table. This has culminated minimal effect as the cabe tv still control much chunk of the satellite tv market.

With an ever increasing competition, they offer incredible and unique satellite experience to it's subscribers making it a respected brand when it comes to quality.

Strong decoders and some of it's congenial partners could be used to track frequencies and broadcast them other than the authoritated decoder's. This mean one can track frequencies of choice(not necessarily the one the decoder was meant for) and watch them undisturbed.

Although thus effective on tracking, users can't necessary subscribe to paid channels with these universal decoders unless done by a third party device.

Notwithstanding, free-to-air channels on those frequencies can be viewed without necessarily paying for it.

Besides viewing FTA channels via universal decoders, knowledge of frequencies is also needed by satellite tv installers to install accurately the different paytv satellite dishes and antennas. 

The tracking details related to Dstv are:

The Dstv Nigeria Position

36 degrees, East

DSTV Satelite

Eutelsat W4

DSTV Nigeria frequencies, polarizations and symbol rates


The following packages are available on DSTV!

• DStv Free-To-Air: This basic package allows clear viewing of the Free-to-air channels.
DStv Access This low-end package includes movies , reality, cartoons, local music, religion, sport updates and audio channels.
DStv Family: A family-orientated package with channels suitable for a complete family.
DStv Compact: A mid-range tier package from DStv.
• DStv Compact Plus: Viewers get access to a wider choice of live channels.A popular package for champions league and EPL actions
• DStv Premium The high-end tier of DStv. Premiere episodes of international HBO series on M- Net, newly released movies and music are served there. 

As decoders, Dstv uses a standard box with XtraView capabilities, and the newest PVR box known as the Explora.

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Re: DSTV Nigeria Frequency, Dish Position and Symbol rate 2019
#1 Posted on: September 12, 2019, 11:55:30 AM
What is dstv master frequency an symbol rate in Nigeria

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