UBA Marketplace - Registration,payments and how to start an Ecommerce store


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Having a personalised online store is easy with UBA's Marketplace.

The platform allows users to create an eCommerce site with their own unique store name to showcase their goods.

The UBA Marketplace is owned and managed by United Bank of Africa. The bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country and has over 12 million customers.

Before the popularity of the internet, goods were mostly transferred through physical gateways. You had to travel long distances to influential cities in order to buy a desired product. Now, getting a product to your doorstep is done simply by a tap on a phone.

In any convenient town in Nigeria, you can order any goods by just clicking few buttons. This revolution in marketing has brought another dimension in such area and with it, ease in creating online shops called eCommerce sites.

Facts to note about the UBA marketplace

  • Secure transaction: Security is a serious issue when money and payments is concerned and UBA knows that. Making sure there's no hitch or bugs, the marketplace uses one of the highest secure socket layer encryption with a payment gateway which is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

    Logistics UBA makes the logistics section of it's marketplace smooth to accomodate efficiency and speed. This is noticeable as DHL is the company's logistics partner. Known for high level of professionalism in handling logistics in Nigeria, buyers are assured of reliability.

    When a customer orders any listed product, the logistics company visits the online store owner, pickup the order, package and deliver to the customer.

    Swift creation of store You can create a store of choice using your customised store url like: danielsclothing.ubamarketplace.com where “danielsclothing” is the store name. Customizations is one of the way to make your store unique and it's duely available.

    It also feature categories such as electronics, fashion, jewelry, health and beauty, groceries, household goods, perfumes etc.

    Auto post your products on Facebook: As a merchant on UBA marketplace, you have the convenient of autoposting your products to facebook which has about 16 million Nigerians there.

    That could be done by easily connecting your page to it. With a good brand name to your store URL, you're sure of good outcomes when promoting it on facebook

Merchant registration

• To start your ecommerce store, Visit the UBA Marketplace home page
• Next, tap on register as a seller
• Fill all the required details, then click on the created account.
• Note after signing up for a merchant account, Uba marketplace admin will review your request.
• It will be approved after affirming the authenticity of the information provided.
• After approval, you now have access to your panel and can upload products for approval by the Marketplace Admin.

Orders and payments

The following procedure explains the way orders and corresponding payments are made:

• An interested buyer visits the UBA webstore homepage or any sellers webstore.
• He/she select products and add to cart.
• Checks out and pays with a valid card or account number, payment is made to UBA Marketplace holding account.
• Sellers/merchants account are settled weekly.
• A transaction fee of 2% selling price of each goods is charged all merchants.

UBA Marketplace offers buyers diverse payment gateways :VISA, MASTERCARD, VERVE.

Merchant pricing

The following pricing applies to all merchant account holders:

• Setting up a Merchant account is free.
• There is no annual fee.
• Standard merchant service charge of 2% (Per sale) applies.
• Set up of store is free.
• Merchants receives weekly settlement.
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