Jumia Online Shopping Made Easy by Jforce Agents


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Jumia Online Shopping Made Easy by Jforce Agents
Posted on: July 25, 2019, 02:23:42 PM
Are you still facing some challenges and doubt while shopping online in Nigeria especially through the biggest online shopping mall in Africa Jumia. The fear of being scammed has been taken care of and the stress that follows online shopping has equally been handled with the help of Jumia Jforce Agent. You must be asking how right now but relax I am going to explain things in a way you are going to understand.

What is Jumia Jforce?

Many of you have never heard about Jumia Jforce or whats it represents but to help you understand better,Jumia agents Popularly known as Jforce sales consultants are contract employees of Jumia under the arm of Jforce whose job is to help clients make good purchases on the Jumia website as well as market the online shop to people who know nothing about it.

Jumia Jforce VS Jumia Affiliate marketing

Well am going to compare Jumia Jforce and their affiliate marketing platform but you must understand that both of them are not the same. Moreover, Jumia Affiliate marketing platform is all referring buyers to Jumia website through the self-owned website or social media while Jumia Jforce platform is designed to help clients make good purchases on the Jumia website.

However, Jumia Jforce Agents can make purchases on behalf of their others while affiliate marketers only send others to Jumia website to decide their faith on what to buy and when to buy.

Jforce Agents earn commission by placing orders for their clients but Jumia affiliate marketers earn a commission when someone buys from Jumia website through their Affiliate link.

Why shopping online through Jumia Jforce agents is better and stress-free

Let me clear your mind shopping through Jumia Jforce agents don't mean you should send your money t someone to shop for you online, No you don't need to because Jumia has made life easier by enabling pay on delivery option which means that you only pay when you receive your item.

Below are the top 10 reasons why you should shop through Jumia Jforce sales consultants:

1. An agent has more experience in navigating the Jumia marketplace and has access to numerous other agents thereby extensively expanding his knowledge and experience by association. Simply put ‘he or she can pull out the best products from the website for you’.

2. With an agent, you receive 25% to 50% discount on your shipping fees. He may even offer you free shipping from time to time. So you spend less when you shop with an agent.

3. With an agent, you save time and data on web searches for what you want. You simply state what you want and the consultant comes back with options for you.

4. The consultant offers tracking services so you can keep track of your items as they are shipped.

5. An agent is capable of giving you the best products for your budget, no matter the amount but it should be noted that Jumia agents don’t do miracles.

6. An agent can give you expert advice on what brands to use, what models are best suited for you and a host of other sales consultancy services.

7. An agent can help you process returns and quick refunds when you receive wrong or faulty items.

8. An agent keeps his clients abreast with new deals, products, and discounts.

9. An agent can even help receive your packages if you away or unable to receive them at the moment and deliver them to you when you return.

10. Lastly, a Jumia agent could just be that semi-errand boy you have been looking for to ensure timely grocery orders are made so you never run out.

How do I find a trusted Jumia Jforce sales consultants?

This is really a nice question to ask but as a matter of fact, I am one of Jforce sales consultants and you can also reach me on 08064660400 or 07058320879. However, to be on a safer side never give or send your money to anyone whether a Jforce agent or someone who pretend to be an agent, you don't need to make payment before you receive your item.

What an agent needs in other to place an order for you is your address where the item will be shipped to, your phone number to confirm that the order has been placed and to help the delivering agents locate your address and finally your name.


While shopping online through Jumia Jforce agent make sure that you have the amount involved ready so that you can easily pay when you receive your item using your ATM because the delivering agents usually come with POS machine or better still you can pay cash if you are with the money.

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If there is anything you still don't understand, feel free to ask questions and you will have the answer in a few minutes, Suggestions will equally be welcomed.