How to check glo data and bonus balance


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How to check glo data and bonus balance
Posted on: July 25, 2019, 05:58:18 PM
Glo Nigeria has one of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria. That means when data is concerned, Glo stands top.

 In previous writeups, I've shared the various updated data plans which are extremely cheap. Some newly released data incentive offers could be viewed at the cheats or telecom section of the forum, if you see the need to.

One might garner all these bonuses and plans but ignorant of how to check them. That's the reason for this post. Here i would outline the diverse

ways to check your Glo data bundles (online,USSD,SMS)

It's actually a simple process but there are different codes to do that. These codes or strategy might display different output portraying the need to be conversant with them all.

How to check Glo data bundle/bonus online:

All mobile networks in Nigeria have a self-care portal to attend to the needs of their customers automatically.

Glo Nigeria has it's High-Speed Internet(HSI) self-care portal. It could be assessed through: http:// hsi. Glo. com/. Your remaining data volume and plan would be showed including other necessaries.

Note that it could only be assessed on the Glo network!

How to check Glo data balance using USSD:

1. Dial *777# on your phone. This would popup a window displaying options of these nature:

  • 1. Buy Data
    2. BlackBerry
    3. E-Topup ...
    9. Borrow credit or data

2. Select 'buy data' from the options and anothe popup of options would appear:

  • All Glo Data Plans are now 3G-4G compatible

    1. Buy 3G-4G data plans
    2. Gift plan
    4.Manage plan
    5. Back

3. Send 4, which is manage plans and another popup would appear:

  • 1. To get data settings
    4. Get data balance
    5. Back

4. Type 4, which is 'to get data balance' then send.

The next display would state your current data balance and it's expiration date.

An alternate way is to dial *127*0# and your bundle data would be displayed.

Checking Glo data balance using SMS

This method is actually the easiest way to know the data volume of your Glo subscription. Barring network issues, you can check your Glo data balance by texting the word INFO to 127.

There are instances where one of the above listed procedures isn't sufficient to check bonuses. Checking them with all the procedures might prove needful.
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