The best way to attain success smoothly


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The best way to attain success smoothly
Posted on: August 07, 2019, 03:09:39 PM
To achieve great things, you have to be deligent, hardworking, and skillful in duty. “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” Proverbs 22:29 - we all remember this popular bible excerpt.

That extract clearly outlines what a successful man has as characteristics.

Before being employed or paid to do anything, your skills should have been weighed and accepted. You've now been signed on to do the job after showing the needed skills.

You are deligent in your service to your new workplace, fully basking in the bloom of it.

Due to exceptional skills you are doing great and it seems nobody can stop your success(in reality no mortal being can, as you're fully grounded in life).

The fleets of cars and mansions scattered across the nation fully attest to your feats. In terms of finance, nobody among your peers could matchup with you as most 'high performing' shares in companies are owned by you. In government you have no designation/post yet you are paid more than the executive arm from the state treasury monthly; infact you sponsored the election of the current 'executive'.

People see you as the 'talk and do' billionaire. They view you as the 'almighty' but you know your humble self and beginning.

How intense you had kept on expecting; how shrewd and straight-forward you had been in your doings.

Flashback to your primary days, you was booed at because you couldn't perform a single mathetimatics in class of which many easily did. Throughout your primary school days, there wasn't any euphoriating experience except when it was known that you have followed in the queue of those that did pass their FSLC.

Your secondary school days was nothing better compared to it's predecessor. Your academic records were average and that saddened you immensely.

Throughout your secondary school days, you learnt two things from students who were successful academically

- Traits to success and,
 - How to go for success.

That definitely defined you later in life but sadly it wasn't in academics. One of the trait was preempting things before it happens. It's either a yes or a no boolean occurence, in any earthly event.

With that in mind, you saw the oppurtunity in academics and you opted for JAMB. Another of such trait is perseverance. You knew that after hitting the target, you need to keep the wait alive! You kept applying for an admission to the university but you were denied 8 times!

You felt lost and dishearted but you remembered another trait when vieing for success which was to 'find alternatives and never give up'. You gave your life to christ in the course of applying for an IJMB - which you saw as an alternative.

IJMB again was a failed quick-success experience but the three more years spent wasn't a waste - you fellowshipped in the church, which you found to be sound and that changed your reservations about the world.

Your attitudes were refined and despite being from a rich family, you treated everyone equally.

In late tweenties now, you moved off from your 'safe zone' to an unfamiliar home to meet ends need. You applied to work as an 'unskilled' labourer in a plastic company. It pained to remember how your family would have been of help, but you were determined to begin from the scratch.

Now you were determined to work for success fervently.  You have put into practice all the 'success' traits you learned.

Everyone enjoyed your company and you were steeply promoted. You weren't bouyed by their reward for service and you resigned to setup your own firm.

Assiduous as ever, you grew your company to a multinational stage. Through this unusual feat, you gained recognition and wealth.

You proved to be a life lesson to the younger generations. As you were lowered six feets down the earth many years later, prodigious tears dropped down many cheeks. You knew you would be gone one day; you sailed through life and in that course you understood it.

Your neighbours were your friends; you accorded everyone respect small or big; You were charitable; You were humble; You treated your surbordinates with respect as you were once like them.

#Fiction - The above piece doesn't in any way represent the profile of any one. In the case that it has, it is vividly coincident.