Jumia Affiliate Marketing VS Jforce Agents


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Jumia Affiliate Marketing VS Jforce Agents
Posted on: August 16, 2019, 12:27:30 AM
If you have been searching for a way to make money online in Nigeria then you might have come across Jumia affiliate marketing and Jforc platform as one of the best ways to make money online. However, you might wish to know the difference between them or probably the one that makes more money.

The obvious truth is that you may not be able to earn much while promoting Jumia products and services through Affiliate sales or as a Jforce Agent compared to those Indian guys that earn thousands of dollars on a weekly and monthly basis. Most of the Nigerian bloggers are still promoting Jumia product simply because they have no other option but why?

When you create a website/Blog that only attracts Nigerians then you are left with limited options and presently Jumia is the biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria, there is no good competitor or alternative when it comes to affiliate marketing. Meanwhile, if you have established a popular website with lots of traffic you can make something reasonable monthly.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing VS Jforce

I am going to help you understand the differences between Jumia affiliate marketing and Jforce platform, moreover, they are two different platforms with one goal which is to market Jumia products and make money. After reading this post you will be able to decide which one to go for and remember Jumia don't recommend joining both platforms.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Overview

Jumia Affiliate marketing is not different from any other and it's a type of performance-based marketing in which Jumia rewards their affiliates marketers for each visitor or customer sent to their platform that complete any order. Moreover, you cannot earn money by sending visitors to jumia, you only earn money when the visitors you sent to Jumia buy any products.

To be a successful Jumia affiliate marketing you will need to have a blog with good daily visitors from Nigeria or any other African countries that Jumia covers. You can indeed promote Jumia product and services through social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but still, you need to have a good blog to earn more.

Jumia Jforce Agent Overview

I have already described Jumia Jforce or Jforce sales consultants on this url=https://www.xtremeloaded.com/13189/jumia-online-shopping-made-easy-by-jforce-agents]page[/url] as contract employees of Jumia under the arm of Jforce whose job is to help clients/customers make good purchases on the Jumia platform as well as market the online shop to people who know nothing about it.

Jforce does not necessarily require a blog website to work but Jumia created this platform to facilitate online shopping in Africa, However, some don't even know how to buy anything online or know how to go about online shopping so it's the duty of a Jforce agent to shop for them and make sure that the product is delivered to them.

You can read: Jumia VS Konga Affiliate which one Makes more money

As a Jforce Agent, you still need a marketing plan to get more client to shop for, you can shop for family and friends or anyone you are able to convince to shop through you. In other words, you might need sorts of offline and online marketing to get clients.

Comparison between Jumia Jforce and Affiliate marketing

DetailsAffiliate MarketingJforce Agent
Registration RequirementsYou must have a good website or heavily active on social media to be excepted in Jumia affiliate marketing platform You don't need a website to become Jumia sales consultant (Jforce) but must have your way to get clients
ProfitabilitySolely Depends on your marketing abilities, the volume of targeted audience that you control on social media or that visits your websiteHaving a website is not that necessary but you must be able to find customers for Jumia, convince and be able to shop for them
Commission ModelsThere is no much difference in terms of commission, you need to be active and have more sales to earn good moneyThe more you sell, the more you earn and the more you earn the more you move to the next level, increasing your level means a redefined commission for you
Minimum PayoutAnything from N4,000 - N5000 qualifies you for next paymentAlmost the same minimum payout but might receive something lesser
Payment DateMiddle of the monthThe same here
SupportEmail and Phone supportEmail, Phone support and Whatsapp group
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