Jumia Black Friday Preparation Guide


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Jumia Black Friday Preparation Guide
Posted on: October 17, 2019, 05:09:37 PM
Jumia Black Friday 2019 is only a few days from now and its time to start preparing for the biggest promo of the year when smart people shop smartly while taking advantage of the Jumia Black Friday. This is my second post regarding this black Friday, and my first post was to inform you guys about the date Jumia Black Friday (Starting and ending date).

In today's post, I am going to guide you on how to prepare for the Black Friday promo and I present to you the ultimate Checklist for Jumia Black Friday Shopping. Go through the 10 checklists and shop smartly

1. Account registration.

Jumia allows visitors to browse products on its website, but if you’re going to actually place an order, you’ll be required to register an account. And no, you cannot afford wasting time initiating your new account registration process during Black Friday when hundreds of other shoppers are already adding products to the cart.

2. Download the Jumia Mobile App.

As earlier mentioned, you can only access the flash sales and treasure hunts on the mobile app. So download the app right away and forget about shopping via PC or mobile browser. Also, ensure your smartphone is in good condition before each event.

3. Practice navigating inside the Jumia App several times.

This one is for the few of us whose eyes are on the big wins. You need to spend 45-60 minutes navigating inside the app if you are not a regular user. Practice the process of adding a product to the cart, checking out on the cart page, and confirming your order. Of course, you don’t need to actually make a purchase of any item while practicing.

4. Plan your shopping on paper

Write down all the items you will be purchasing during Black Friday. It’s easier and definitely more efficient to put all your shopping plans on paper than shop without one. You can go to the flash sale page right now and check out the items you would like to purchase. Next, compare the flash sale price on Jumia VS regular selling price of the item at a local retail shop to be sure that you are indeed getting a price slash. Once you confirm this, write the date of the flash sale event down on your notepad so that you don’t forget.

5. Speed doesn’t kill during Black Friday shopping— it wins!

Shopping for one item at a time. Don’t add more than one item to cart else some sharp guy could click on that single item and pay for it while you’re still searching for the next product to add to cart. So the rule of thumb here is to always “proceed to checkout” and complete an order before you place an order for another item.

6. Fill out your shipping address beforehand

Again, the strategy here is to remove all roadblocks that could stop you from adding an item to the cart and completing an order as quickly as possible.

7. Don’t forget to use your monthly shipping voucher code

You have the voucher code Once the code is shared for that month, ensure you highlight and copy the code immediately, using your mobile phone. Use it for all your orders

8. Login and remain on the page at least 30 minutes before each event.

We have heard stories of people who managed to add a product to the cart quickly and were able to “proceed to checkout” only to see a login page popup. In moments like that, you can be sure that even your login password will disappear from your memory instantly. Our recommendation is that you login and stay active ONLY on the discount sales page for up to 30 minutes before a deal comes on.

9. If you’re paying online, ensure that your credit/debit card is functional and loaded.

Yeah, we know— this tip seems like a no-brainer. But despite appearing easy to remember, there are chances that you could forget to load your preferred choice of card with the sufficient amount needed to purchase that favorite item of yours. Better safe than sorry, check right now to be sure that you have enough balance in your card before shopping.

10. Overall, never ever browse with a slow/unreliable connection as you will miss all the goodies

This one is the ultimate sin. Hands down. Imagine being one page away from completing your order and your next page shows you…

Well, the screen says it all…Out of stock.
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