Where to buy cheap used cars in Nigeria


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Where to buy cheap used cars in Nigeria
Posted on: December 03, 2019, 10:54:04 AM
Thinking of buying a new car but don't know where to start searching? Many websites can be used to find your dream car, whether you are looking for Nigerian Used or Foreign used cars you are fully covered.

You can indeed find Nigerian used cars or even direct tokunbo cars in your neighborhood if you go searching but why stress yourself when you can simply pick your phone and search for your dream car online even while lying down on your bed and all it takes is searching in the right place at the right time. I am going to show you some trusted websites that you can find any type of car you desire at a favorable price.

Why you should search for Cheap used cars online

We are in a modern world and online shopping has contributed a lot to ensure that we enjoy a perfect market where sellers are free to compete fairly, allowing buyers to find what they want at the very best price. However, when it comes to buying a car in Nigeria you must see the car and test it before paying for it,

This post will not only help you find the best websites where you can find cheap used cars but as well help you find the best car dealers in Nigeria and in case you are interested in buying a used car from America then Auction Export will be the best option but if you don't want to go through the long process then find any type of cars you want in one of the following websites.


Jigi.ng is currently the most popular free listing portal in Nigeria where sellers and buyers link together across the country, moreover, Jiji does not only specialized in selling and buying of cars but as well as other items like smartphones, electronic, houses, and lands, etc.

One of the reasons why Jiji.ng is the Best place to search for your dream car is because it allows everyone to buy and sell their cars using their platform completely free of charge. It also gives you the option to search for available offers on cars in any state of your choice in Nigeria.

Beware of scammers

I am sure that Jiji.ng Management's is doing their possible best to ensure that you are safe while using their platform but their things you must not do if you don't want to be scammed.

  • Never send money to anyone without meeting the person or seeing what you are paying for.
  • Don't agree to meet in a secret place but insist to meet in an open place.
  • Always verify that what you are buying is owned by the seller which can be done by requesting the original receipt or documents.


I was impressed when I visited Tokunbocars this morning to see what they have to offer but trust me they are good at what they do. From their name, you will understand what their website is all about. However, Tokunbocars is different compared to the most website I listed here because their mode of operation is different.

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They don’t allow everyone to buy and sell cars like other websites, everything is done by them, you can find the best deals on tokunbo cars shipped from abroad. They don’t sell Nigerian used cars but specialized in tokunbo cars known as foreign used cars. To find out more you might wish to give them a trial.

Nairaland.com (Auto boards or sections)

Undoubtedly, Nairaland is the biggest forum in Nigeria with millions of registered users across the globe, the number of active users is amazing. It's true that Nairaland is a general discussion forum and doesn't specialize in selling and buying cars but trust me, they are better than those websites design for that purpose and if you want to see for yourself then trying Nairaland (Auto Section).

Nairaland Auto Section is a free marketplace that enables car dealers and individuals to buy or sell their cars fast. Whether you are buying or selling you simply need to register and login to Nairaland Auto Section to join the party. However, you can also ask questions about the car you wish to buy or describe the type of car you want and you will see someone willing to assist you.

The same rules apply, don't send money to someone you don't know or pay for something you have not seen, always agree to meet in an open place for negotiation and transactions.


Cheki is a division of Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) which operates and invests in leading marketplace websites in several East and West African countries. Cheki is another best place to search for your dream car, the online portal is specifically designed for selling and buying of cars, trucks, motorbikes and lots more. If you want to get connected with the real car dealers then consider cheki.

You can easily register and sell your old used cars or buy from sellers but you must read Cheki safety tips that will help you stay safe while using their platform. However, what differentiates Cheki from other portals like Jiji and Nairaland is that they specifically designed for buying and selling of all types of cars.

To get started simply visit Cheki.com.ng, register and start searching for your dream car, once you discover it then contact the seller and ask whatever questions you might have but remember to follow their safety tips, very important.


Cars45 is a good place to find any type of car you want and they have a good website that makes it easier for you to search and find what you want. Their web portal is specifically designed to handle buying and selling of cars in Nigeria and not like Jiji that you can search for anything and not just cars.

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With the help of Cars45, you will be able to find and buy direct foreign used cars from abroad or find good offers on Nigerian used cars.


Yeabia is a free ad listing website similar to Jiji.ng designed to link buyers and sellers in one place. In Yeebia you can find properties for sale like lands, houses and other stuff like cars, electronics, and even jobs.

Moreover, they are just coming into the game because I have just started seeing them on Google and everywhere, with the rate of advertisement they are doing am certain they will take over soon. To find good foreign or Nigerian used cars then try Yeebia cars/vehicle portal and see interesting offers from real sellers.


Clicbye is a great website to search for Nigerian used and foreign cars, their portal is designed to help auto dealers to sell their cars conveniently in a conducive environment while allowing buyers to search and find their desired cars, trucks or a van. The main purpose of Clicbye is to link car sellers and buyers together but remember to follow the safety tips I have shared above because scammers are everywhere.


Naijauto is another website you can search for your dream car from trusted sellers across the country. You can find cheap and expensive exotic cars, however, Naijauto specialized in car selling and buying, general car maintenance guides and lots more. The platform also allows its users to register and sell their cars or buy from sellers conveniently.
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