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Posted on: December 19, 2019, 07:41:17 PM
With the rate at which music is being produced every minute globally, we need to have a closer look as to what music entails, the effects on the individual personality and the society at large.

It is obvious how Music has become a very powerful weapon in the hands of those who know how to deliver content that changes the perceptions both positively and negatively. Having said this, let's take a look at the meaning of Music in a well understandable way.


Music is a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting.
Going by the above definition, it is a series of sounds made by instruments or voices. These series of sounds must be inviting, interesting, exciting, appealing, melodious and pleasant. If not, it becomes Noise.


Noise is a sound, especially one that is loud, unpleasant and frightening. We can, therefore, refer to Noise as the opposite of Music.


Music is referred to as a universal language simply because it is a common language that unites people of all tribes of different backgrounds and beliefs. Music does a wonderful job of bringing people together and in passing a unique message across to the people around the world.

You may not necessarily understand the language with which a song is sung; but the beat, arrangement, instrumentation and sonorous voice with which the lyrics are rendered will get you hooked and make the music a must-listened-to.

An example is the magic of Congolese Musician, Awilo Logomba when his style of music flooded the Nigerian entertainment industry in the early 2000s.

Now, having understood the meaning of music and its acceptability in all parts of the world, here are some types of Music we have based on Popularity and acceptability.


Although there are various types of Music, it should be noted that a particular type depends on the input, that is, the instrumentation, beats, arrangement, focus, and delivery. Some of these are Hip-hop, Jazz, Rhythms and Blues, Rock and Roll, Disco, Reggae, Highlife, Calypso, Orchestral, Folk, Pop, to mention but a few.

In the Local setting here in Nigeria, especially in the Yoruba speaking parts of the country, we have Apala, Sakara, Dundun Sekere, Goje, Awurebe, Waka, Juju, Fuji, Religion Music,e.t.c.

All the aforementioned music types have different approaches and styles in their arrangement and delivery. They have different instruments as their "pivot" in their brand, thus, different approach and focus. Now, the impact.


Music in our society has performed many wonders directly or indirectly. Through music, a lot of messages are conveyed to arouse interest or expectation; to whip up interest or opposition, to extend a hand of love to the opposite sex. It is a common saying that "If music is the food of love, play it on".

Music is used to express feelings, and also to alert the listener or enlighten them on an issue either from a personal, or general perspective. In general, people's reactions to what message in music depends on the format used in passing the message across.
For example, a message can be passed in a melodious way without denoting any danger, and it turns danceable. However, this same message can be passed in an alarming format to cause a lot of pandemonium. For example, in the Yoruba dialect; "Ibosi, Ibosi ara" which translates to "Beware, Beware Brethren" can be melodious and at the same time, alarming.

Music can be used to bring about togetherness in a country, state, a village, even among family members, and this has gone a long way in settling a long-time rift. For example," the way forward" performed by various musicians across the country, each representing different tribes and traditions with a common goal of bringing the whole nation together as one.
 Also of importance is the unity music brings about on the world level whereby different musicians from different nationality and Continents collaborates or Features one another in various songs with no discrimination as to the skin color or race. In reflection on the other side of music, it is also a tool for opposing interests or ideas not accepted by a Particular Musician.

It has also created rivalry among the society, even among family members, based on who their favorite is among the warring factions. Also of note is the effect of the affluence being portrayed by some musicians which are not true but a "selling point" whereas It has created a long-lasting impression on their Followers and Fans; who want to live such a lifestyle thereby prompting them in some occasions to go into vice.

Not all Musicians do live this lifestyle though, but the majority of them have become a role models of sort for their followers whether positively or negatively. It is therefore right to see music as a very good tool in achieving a goal based on interest, and also great art that must not be underestimated in any Society.
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