9mobile data plans and subscription codes (2020 Updated)


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9mobile data plans and subscription codes (2020 Updated)
Posted on: December 23, 2019, 11:21:55 AM
Here come the latest 9mobile data plans and subscription code as they recently reduced the cost of their data plans and now offers more flexible daily, weekly and monthly data plans that suit your needs.

The Nigerian based Mobile Telecom 9mobile Formerly known as Etisalat recently launched a new data plans that enable their subscribers to pay less and get more data, the new data plans are all about slashing down the price of 9mobile data plan and increasing the data volume. However, the update came just before the end of 2019 to ensure that 9mobile subscribes steps into 2020 with a smile on their face.

Well, I will say a big congrats to those sticking to 9mobile and those who are willing to join them, the door is always open to everyone who wishes to enjoy the new data plan from 9mobile. I was pleased when I saw the new data offer because I don't normally consider 9mobile as a good choice considering the price of their data.

In this post, I will not only share the updated 9mobile data plans and subscription but will as well teach you how to do the followings

  • How to Check data balance
  • How to share data on 9mobile
  • Data gifting to other 9mobile subscribers
  • How to transfer data on 9mobile
  • How to subscribe to multiple devices

I have excluded 9mobile from the list of Nigerian mobile telecoms that offer Best data plan for online Video streaming in Nigeria but not anymore, they are going to be included in that list because they have finally stepped up their game.

What's New (9mobile data Plan)

Before we proceed to the new 9mobile data plan and subscription code, I will like to explain a few things you need to know about new plans.

Free Social network access

Despite offering more data for a lesser price, 9mobile still allows you to flex the way you want and how you want for Free on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. (Fair usage applies), This simply means that your data will not be used while on those social networks.

Offers More varieties of data plan to choose from

9mobile offers different data packages to choose from daily/weekly, monthly and night/weekend subscription plans, simply go for the data plan that suits you best.

Cheap data plans more MB/GB

Do you know that you can get 7GB for as low as N1,500 weekly on 9mobile? Yes, you can, thanks to the management who decided to join the moving train at least they can now compete with other telecoms like MTN, GLO, and AIRTEL. However, 9mobile monthly data plan starts from 4.5GB for N2000 + free social access. They also offer up to 75GB for N15,000 monthly designed for heavy data users.

Fastest 4G LTE network

9mobile offers one of the fastest fourth-generation networks (4G) in Nigerian and if you want to enjoy the best data connectivity then you can count on 9mobile. With the recent data increase, you will have more data to flex anyhow you want.

new data Promo and bonuses

Upfront bonus – 9mobile gives you up to 50% data bonus when you buy a higher data plan on your next data purchase, within the validity of your existing monthly data plan.

Updated 9mobile data plan and subscription codes

Let me cut the long story short, it's time to show you the new updated 9mobile data plan and subscription codes, however, I am going to add a simple table that will show you the data plans and subscription code that you need but I will as well share the plans in plain text in case if you can't understand the table.

9mobile Daily and Weekly data plans

Below are the 9mobile daily and weekly data plans which also offer free access to social networks.

➩ 1GB Daily (24 hours) Plan for N300, subscription code: *229*3*3#
➩ 1GB Weekly (7 days) plan for N500 subscription code: *229*2*1#
➩ 2GB 3 days plan for N500 subscription code: *229*3*4#
➩ 7GB Weekly (7 days) plan for N1,500 subscription code: *229*2*2#

9mobile night/weekend data plans

If you like night or weekend data plans then you might be interested in these plans below.

➩ 1GB Night plan (12am - 5am) for N200, subscription code: *229*3*11#
➩ 2GB 30 days night/weekend plan (7pm - 7am) for N1,000, subscription code: *229*3*12#
➩ 5GB 3 days night/weekend plan (7pm - 7am) for N2,000, subscription code: *229*3*13#

9mobile monthly data plans

If you need monthly data plans that don't have time limitations then check out 9mobile full monthly data packages below.

➩ 4,5GB Monthly data plan (30 days) for N2,000, subscription code: *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 229
➩ 11GB Monthly data plan (30 days) for N4,000, subscription code: *229*2*36#
➩ 15GB Monthly data plan (30 days) for N5,000, subscription code: *229*2*37#
➩ 40GB Monthly plan (30 days) for N10,000, subscription code: *229*4*1#
➩ 75GB Monthly plan (30 days) for N15,000, subscription code: *229*4*1#

You can as well find 9mobile data plan and subscription code in the table below.

1GB DAILYN30024 HOURS*229*3*3#
1GB 7 DAYSN5007 DAYS*229*2*1#
2GB 3 DAYSN5003 DAYS*229*3*4#
7GB 7 DAYSN1,5007 DAYS*229*2*2#
1GB DAILY NIGHT/WEEKENDN20024 HOURS (12AM - 5AM)*229*3*11#
2GB 30 DAYS NIGHT/WEEKENDN1,000 30 DAYS (7PM - 7AM)*229*3*12#
5GB 30 DAYS NIGHT/WEEKENDN2,00030 DAYS (7PM - 7AM)*229*3*13#
4.5GB MONTHLY PLANN2,00030 DAYS*229*2*8#
11GB MONTHLY PLANN4,00030 DAYS*229*2*36#
15GB MONTHLY PLANN5,00030 DAYS*229*2*37#
40GB MONTHLY PLANN10,00030 DAYS*229*4*1#
75GB MONTHLY PLANN15,00030 DAYS*229*2*4#

How to check 9mobile data balance

Checking your 9mobile data plan balance is as simple as ABCD, you need is to dial *228# on your 9mobile phone number and the balance will be displayed sharply

How to share your data with family and friends

As promised, now that you have more data you might wish to share with family and friends but the question is how? Well, it's simple, 9mobile made it easy for their subscribers to allocate some portion of their data to a maximum of 5 9mobile numbers with the option to claimed back any unused allocated data.

To activate data sharing:

Simply dial *917#. then, buy any desired standard data plan, after that, you can share your data by dialing  *229*9*pin*data quota*recipient’s number*3# e.g *229*9*1234*500*08094980000*3#. If you don't understand the above process then dial *200# & follow the menu options.

How to Transfer Data from 9mobile to other 9mobile phone numbers

Data sharing is different from data transfer, you can share the data you have on your phone while transferring data means taking from your data to give another person, such data can't be retrieved. However, 9mobile only allows you to transfer a maximum of 200MB at a time and a maximum of 1000MB per day.

To transfer data simply dial *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number#
e.g. *229*0000*40*08091234567#

9Mobile Multi-device Plan

This plan allows you to pay for one data subscription and then link up to 4 secondary/additional SIMs to the primary SIM to share from the same data plan, however, this is not a hotspot data sharing, you can stay in Lagos and use the same data plan with someone in Abuja.

How does it work?

It's very simple, to activate dial  *215*pin*1*new number*new puk#
  *for subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’

Moreover, you must have the Personal unblocking key (PUK) of the 9mobile phone number you wish to link to use the same data plan with your main sim.

Data Gifting (How to gift data to other 9mobile subscribers)

You can gift data to your family and friend easily on 9mobile, gifting data is different from data sharing and data transfer. data gifting allows you to buy data directly through your 9mobile number to another 9mobile number. You will be charged for the data while the recipient gets the bundle.

To gift data to your family and friends simply dial any of the 9mobile *standard data plan code * recipient’s number#
e.g.   for 1gb data gift,
dial  *229*2*7*recipient’s number#
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