Parental Guidance And The "Indomie" Generation.


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Parental Guidance And The "Indomie" Generation.
Posted on: January 04, 2020, 12:47:55 PM
For the fact that you're reading, this means you want your curiosity to be satisfied. Well, that is exactly what I'm intending to do; Calling your attention to this fire right on our roof!.

I want to bother you too with what has been bothering me, which I can't keep to myself. Maybe you too will catch the drift of what I'm saying and you'll be able to share your opinionated views too. This is Nigeria, Sir, and Ma; Our Federation of diverse cultures and traditions, the most famous and most Populated Black Nation in the whole planet-wide world.

We are a very accommodating set of people; we travel far and wide to places where you can't even imagine Nigerians can be sojourning.
Nigerians are the World Wide Web itself; we are everywhere.
We patronize the latest in fashion, entertainment, technology, and all other things that trend daily. If not all(of us), at least the cremé dé lá creme of our society do us justice in those regards.

Yet, with all our acceptance of things trending and new, what are we also portraying to the outside world?
I know your brain is already working out "how do we look like to the outside world?", be rest assured, that is a question for another wave of thought.

For now, my concern is about the new school generation or the famous "Indomie" generation as some do call it and the role of parental guidance in their era. I said earlier that Nigeria is so rich in cultural and traditional ethics that the legacy should have continued from generation to generation.

Sadly enough, it is dwindling at a very fast pace and this brings us back to the issue of the modern-day generation.

If you were born around the beginning of the new millennium(the Year 2000 and thereabout), you are part of the new school or "Indomie" generation. Indomie generation in the sense that it was around that time that the Noodles brand became Popular in our society.

The age focus happens to be 20years or below, they are the ones that fall right in the spot of the so-called new school. Maybe the new school era has a large outlier beyond the 20years age grade, but the majority of them are not yet what could be called an Adult Youth.

The teenagers especially and their parents are the focus here. Their babyhood woke up to the era when technology is being introduced into our society; Digital telecommunications to be exact. Nearly a decade after this, they witness the Smartphone Era too, and that clinches it! They're so unbelievably smart anytime they're on the phone.

A 4-year old child can nowadays make calls on the phone with little or no difficulty at all.
Instead of these developments, most parents assume "Children of nowadays are way smarter" than their predecessors and them as their parents.

Some even come as far as to accept this assumption as a fact!. Imbibing our rich values and ethics into the children is of little or no importance to most parents in our homes nowadays; after all, this is the Smart age. Some parents even go as far as to seek smartphone applications to teach them about parenting! Isn't that ridiculous enough?

We say Nigeria is what it is because we have some set of greedy people who want to extort from the nation's treasury. Yet, the little ones have already found their Niche or Comfort zone that has nothing to do with their political or traditional upbringing.

Some Parents open their eyes wide and watch as the kids engage in watching programs on the Satellite services providers at home without supervision on what is suitable or not for their viewing discretion. Episodes upon episodes, seasons upon seasons of some of the popular Romantic series produced by the well-known country that we've come to accept as part of our everyday life is what most teenagers and even youths can talk about without pausing for breath.

Even some sector of our Entertainment industry is majorly a blow to the conscience of the kids growing up in this era, and that's where parental guidance should have come in but is that the reality in most cases?.

Parents and Children now sit in the living room watching and discussing the highlights of that show that some Nigerians have been calling for to be banned from being aired in our society. The sad truth is that the parents who are supposed to unite with those calling for the ban are those watching it with their children!.

Although, in the case of that particular show, parental guidance may be advised, buy how many took notice?.
On most channels we watch at home, Parental Guidance is always advised to know the contents suitable to watch with the kids around, but most parents are just ignorant of the fact or they don't care.

Until the kids start watching sexually explicit or violence-filled scenes with them(the parents) on seat, that is when you hear things like "Close your eyes", "Go to your bedroom", "It's time to sleep" and those other things they would say when in embarrassing situations like that which underline their failure in that regard.

Providing Food, Shelter, and Clothing is not the end to what parents can do, bringing them up to be morally upright is also part of the reason why they decided to have them as children in the first place. Yet, in our society today, morals can be said of some parents to have "gone with the wind".

Some parents may have little time to spend with their children based on their work schedules and social engagements. That little time spent with them is mostly to treat them to fun or shopping in malls and enjoying those delicacies as a family.

There's nothing wrong in that though, but cutting off the quality time to imbibe in them those core values that make good a gentleman or lady is something that could be disastrous as it is now evident. We have let Civilisation taken the will right out of our hands to guide our offsprings to the right way of living as Africans, that all we may care for is our children coming up in the ways of the western world.

Surely, they(the western world) to have some good values that are worth emulating but are we always programmed to be at the receiving end?. Parents should always know how to inculcate the good attributes of western society and also at the same time point out the not-so-good or unacceptable ways contrary to our society here.

Most Parents in Nigeria wouldn't want their children to become gays or lesbians, for example. Are you getting my point? What are the fathers and mothers contributing as parents in this nation to the proper upbringing of the man-child and the woman-child globally?.

Most teenage, youth, and adult females dress naked now on the street, at public events, inside religious centers, not to talk of the confines of our homes. "Charity begins at home" is a Popular but un-applied saying in most cases as a vast majority of parents aren't charitable enough to even know that!.
We're not talking about being generous or kind in this respect only, we are talking about good value and moral generosity. The teenage, youth and adult males now go on the crazy exhibition of guts in showing their masculinity in areas such as the effeminate hairstyle they dorn now as an example, are you getting me?.

Everyone nowadays wants to show his masculinity as a male, but most are making a shameful mess of it. This is Nigeria, Brothers, and Sisters, not Europe or America. Fathers and Mothers of tomorrow are now on a rampaging mission to show their correctness when it comes to the things that trend daily.

Slay queens and princesses are on the rampage, Smart-Alec Fraudsters are on the rise, the indomie generation looks unstoppable, most parents look powerless, people are blaming the government, the government says the youths are lazy, and those kinds of things you hear or read about every time.
Remember that transgender that announced recently that he wants to stage a birthday party in Lagos?.
He was eventually banned from doing so because the Lagos State Police Command stormed the venue of the party and wasted the money spent on things organized for the event.

The Director-general of the National Arts and Culture later said the crossdresser is a "disgrace to the nation and Nigeria is now different from the known Nigeria of yesterday; that such way of living won't be tolerated in our society". This incident is just an angle to the so many things that plague our nation, but since we're talking about being charitable, we can't but bring this into reference.

I just hope the statement will stay true to its stance of not indulging its citizens in shameful acts that bring the nation to bad light as a country. When the government now in power talks about change, most people are quick-mouthed to trash such statement into the dust bin as unrealizable considering the state of the nation.

The truth is that if we want a real change in our society, we have to change right from our homes in the way we bring up our children and our disposition to matters arising generally. People want a change; Yet, they don't want to change.

Some people see many wrong things being perpetrated by teens and youths alike, but they are either afraid to speak up or they don't see it as a concern of theirs. Still, we pray and hope for a better nation?
The tag "It's nobody's business what I do with my lifestyle" is what teens and youths have been singing on social media and to anyone who cares to listen. The question is how many of those lifestyles are worth being proud of as the parents to these sets of teens and youths?.

Until the Parental Roles is taken with more firmness on the smart kids we have on our hands, the Nation will continue experiencing this dwindling in core values and moral upbringing when it comes to guiding the new generation in our efforts at making Nigeria a far better version of her current self.

And we should never forget that "A family makes a nation, and these Smart age Kids are supposed to be a Solution to our generation", and not otherwise. Have you finally gotten my drift?, and have I bothered you enough to let us raise our voice in unison against acts that do us no good and put our generation in jeopardy of becoming even worse?. Opinions are highly welcomed.
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