Freelancing VS Full-time Blogging which one is better


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Freelancing VS Full-time Blogging which one is better
Posted on: January 07, 2020, 12:42:22 PM
Bloggers and freelancers are making it big online but if you were asked to choose between two of them, which one would you go for, Freelancing or to become a full-time blogger?

Many of you might be looking for an answer to this question for a long time but the truth is, what is best for me might not be the best for you. However, I am going to use certain criteria to help you determine the one that might suit you the most.

Combining both freelancing and blogging

You can be a blogger and at the same time freelancer if you chose to combine both of them especially when you are not earning enough money through blogging. Last year I tried it and it worked for me but being a full-time blogger is always my choice while freelancing is a supplement. Moreover, you can combine both of them if you so desire but if you were asked to choose one of them which one would you choose?

I started blogging since 2012 and still on it but I recently joined some freelancing platforms to see how things work and it paid off but I still prefer being a full time blogging for certain reasons that I am going to explain before the end of this post.

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Freelancing VS Full-time Blogging (criteria for the comparison)

Now, let go straight to the point, we are going to use these criteria to determine the better option for anyone who wishes to make money online as a freelancer or blogger.

  • Profitability and reliability
  • Required knowledge and qualifications
  • Expenses & tools needed to get started

Profitability and reliability

The question on your mind right now might probably be, which one makes more money and how reliable they are, but to cut the long story short they both work in different ways. Blogging is a long term business and not meant for those who are not willing to work out their destiny.

Let assume you have gained the basic knowledge on how to blog and finally started blogging, it will take between 6 months to one year to start making money if only you follow the right paths and willing to work hard. There is no guarantee when you will start marking money or not.

When it comes to freelancing you need to develop an interest and gain the required knowledge to satisfy your clients, you can start as a writer, graphic designer, programmer, etc. To succeed as a freelancer you must be good at what you do and if not you will find it hard to succeed.

Freelancing can give faster money than blogging as long as you know what you are doing, however, landing your first job is always the biggest problem since you don't have lots of samples to show at the moment but there are some tips available on the internet on how to get clients. Then in terms of reliability, both of them are the best sure way to make money online once you are ready to work hard so they are but reliable sources of income.

Required knowledge and qualifications

You can't wake up one day and start blogging when you don't' even know what is blogging or how to start and the same thing goes to freelancing. In my case, I started as a free browsing master back then when I used to crack free browsing cheats for people and from there I started my forum. I started by researching and learning from others to improve.

I built my first forum on my own using SMF since I don't have money to pay to anyone I did everything alone from hosting to installing and customizing the forum even when I don't know anything but google search was my best friend then, I always search something like, how to host my website, how to start a forum, this and that.

Sometimes I will mess up my site and beg my hosting provider to restore my backup by 1:00 Am, it was a long journey but today I have acquired more experience than you can imagine.

Whether you desire to become a freelancer or blogger you must start from somewhere, no one becomes expert overnight and no one knows it all. If you choose to be a writer then research and learn the criteria. However, if you have a degree with excellent command of English then good for you but if you don't you can still learn and challenge even those with degrees because it's more of passion and zeal than the certificate.

Expenses & tools needed to get started

If you choose to be a blogger then you might consider the cost of hosting your website and domain but you can start completely free from Google Blogspot or any other free platform. You will as well need monthly data subscription, Good smartphone or laptop which is a must for blogging.

To be an expert in the freelancing work, you need the right tools like Grammarly premium or free one to help you solve some common mistakes in spelling and grammar when writing. There are other great tools out there that will help you in freelancing work depending on your area of expertise.

Why I choose to be a full-time blogger

I chose to be a blogger over freelancing because that's where I started my journey and I have already enjoyed the freedom of doing things my way and not to take orders from clients that always want more of what they pay for. Though I am not in the list of popular Nigerian bloggers I don't need to work for anyone to make money because I make a reasonable amount of money without any form of pressure and that's the freedom I enjoy being a blogger. I work hard to be who I want to be but only working when I want and how I want.

My Conclusion

Freelancing is more stressful than blogging because in freelancing your work to please your client and you know how hard it could be sometimes. They always want the best even for a few dollars and it becomes ugly when your best is not enough.

If you manage to build enough clients then you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in a few weeks but reaching such height is always hard but not impossible.

As a blogger, you will enjoy the freedom of working when you want and how you chose to work because you are the boss but to succeed solely depends on your diligence and knowledge in blogging. No one pays you per work but you will define a method on how to monetize your website.

You turn (Let hear from you)

Do you have any questions to ask or have something to contribute concerning blogging or freelancing?
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