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Posted by: Everest
« on: January 29, 2020, 02:26:34 AM »

The No: 1 4G data service provider (Spectranet) offers varieties of data plans to choose from. Whether you are a heavy data user or an average user they always have suitable and flexible data packages waiting for you.

If you are new and wish to join the Spectranet network then you need to check out the list of Spectranet Modems, Prices and Features because you will be needing one of their modems to enjoy their 4G data services.

Why choose Spectranet 4G data for your business

Many choose Spectranet because they provide the fastest data services through the 4G LTE network which is the most advanced technology deployed by major telecom companies worldwide. Spectranet brings Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology on its 2.3 GHz band to your home and office.

Spectranet data coverage

There are some questions asked by those who are not sure whether they can be able to use Spectranet data services in their states. Well, Spectranet has been working hard to extend their data services to other states in Nigeria but presently they are covering 4 popular cities in Nigeria which includes:

Port Harcourt

To be sure about Spectranet 4G LTE coverage, you can reach them on 08002345678 for more enquires

Spectranet data plans and Prices

Below are the list of Spectranet data plans and prices

Spectranet Night data plans

If you are the busy type during the day and need a reliable night data plans then think about Spectranet night data plans.

1. 20GB Unified Value Nite ₦7,500/Month

The unified value nite plan gives you 20GB data at the rate of ₦7,500 per month, however, the night plan will start working from 7 pm -7 am.

1. 40GB Unified Value Nite ₦11,000/Month

If you desire to have more data for a night browsing then try this plan which gives you 40GB data for ₦11,000 valid for 30 days.

Spectranet Weekly data plan

We don't have much choice here because Spectranet only offers a single weekly play for those need an affordable data plan that only lasts for 7 days.

1. 15GB Weekly Plan ₦4,000

The weekly plan gives you 15GB data for ₦4,000 valid for 7 days. You will have 6GB anytime data + 9GB data bonus

Spectranet Unified data plans

1. 8GB  Unified Value  ₦3,000

In this plan, you will be offered 8GB for ₦3,000 with 30 days validity. The data allowance is divided into 2 4G that can be used to browse anytime and 4GB Night bonus data that can be used during the night

* 8GB Unified Value plan: ₦3,000 4GB anytime data + 4GB Night Bonus.

2. 10GB Unified Value  ₦3,500

Spectranet offers 10GB Unified value data plan that gives you 10GB for ₦3,500 which lasts for 30 days. You will be offered 5GB to using any time and extra 5GB for night bonus browsing.

* 10GB Unified Value plan: ₦3,500 5GB anytime data + 5GB Night Bonus.

3. 14GB Unified Value  ₦5,000

You will be given 14GB in total at the rate of ₦5,000 which comes with 30 days validity. You will have 7GB for all day browsing and 7GB for night browsing.

* 14GB Unified Value plan: ₦5,000 7GB anytime data + 7GB Night Bonus.

4. 24GB Unified Value  ₦6,000

With Spectranet ₦6,000 monthly subscription you will get a total of 24GB data, 12GB to use anytime and extra 12GB for night browsing bonus valid for 30 days.

* 24GB Unified Value plan: ₦6,000 12GB anytime data + 12GB Night Bonus.

5. 30GB Unified Value  ₦7,000

Subscribing to ₦7,000 Spectranet data plan will give you a total of 30GB data, 15GB for all day browsing and 15GB night browsing bonus, valid for 30 days.

* 30GB Unified Value plan: ₦7,000 15GB anytime data + 15GB Night Bonus.

Spectranet Mega Value data plans with free unlimited night browsing

1. 25GB Mega Value ₦10,000

This data plan will give you 25GB data for ₦10,000 with free unlimited night browsing, valid for 30 days

* 25GB Mega Value plan: ₦10,000 25GB anytime data + Unlimited free night browsing.

2. 40GB Mage Value plan ₦12,500

This plan gives you a total of 40GB data for ₦12,500 valid for 30 days. You will have 40GB available to all-time and with unlimited free night browsing.

* 40GB Mega Value plan: ₦12,500 40GB anytime data + Unlimited free night browsing.

3. 60GB Mega Value ₦15,000

₦15,000 Mega value monthly plan offers 60GB + unlimited free night browsing which is valid for 30 days

* 60GB Mega Value plan: ₦15,000 60GB anytime data + Unlimited free night browsing.

Spectranet Always On data plan

1. 50GB Always ON ₦13,000 Monthly

Spectranet 50GB Always On data plan offers 50GB data valid for 30 days and as well goes for ₦13,000. The plan also gives you free unlimited access during the night. However, the speed is being regulated @512 kbps speed post 50GB and only available for Abuja users only.

* 50GB Always On plan: ₦13,000 50GB anytime data + Unlimited free night browsing, Always On @512 kbps speed post 50GB - Abuja only.

2. 100GB Always On  ₦18,000

This plan will give you 100GB data for  ₦18,000 valid for 30 days but I am not sure if this plan offers free unlimited night browsing like other plans.

* 100GB Always On plan: ₦18,000 100GB anytime data - Always On @512 kbps speed post-100GB.

3. 100GB Always On ₦19,500

If you care more about the free unlimited night browsing then you should go for this one. The plan will give you 100GB data + free unlimited night browsing for ₦19,500 valid for 30 days.

* 100GB Always On plan: ₦19,500 100GB anytime data + Free Unlimited Night browsing - Always On @512 kbps speed post-100GB.

4. 200GB Always On ₦37,500

This data plan is designed for heavy data users as it offers up to 200GB data for ₦37,500 valid for 30 days with other goodies like free unlimited night browsing and more.

* 200GB Always On plan: ₦37,500, 200GB anytime data + Free Unlimited Night browsing - Always On @512 kbps speed post-200GB.

5. 300GB Always On ₦55,500

This data plan offers 300GB data for ₦55,500 valid for 30 days and as well includes free unlimited night browsing, If you are a heavy user or need it for commercial purposes then this plan is the best for you.

* 300GB Always On plan: ₦55,500, 300GB anytime data + Free Unlimited Night browsing - Always On @512 kbps speed post-300GB.


*Spectranet offers free unlimited night browsing between 1 am - 7 am
* Night Bonus browsing between 1 am – 7 am
*All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays
* Bonus Data cannot be rolled over

How to Subscriber to Spectranet data plans

Spectranet is not like MTN or other mobile telecoms that allows you to recharge your phone and then dial some shortcodes to activate any data plans of your choice. You will need to pay through one of these means.

In person: Visit the nearest Spectranet shop in your location to pay for your subscription
* Pay online: Login to Spectranet self-services and login with your username and password and then choose your desired plan and pay with your debit card.
* Recharge Voucher: Recharge vouchers can be purchased at their channel partners. See where by clicking here
* Bank Payment: Payment/transfer can also be made into Spectranet account. Click here to see available banks.

Spectranet data plans table

20GB Unified Value Nite₦7,50030 DaysNight data (7pm -7am)
40GB Unified Value Nite₦11,00030 DaysNight data (7pm -7am)
15GB Weekly plan₦4,0007 Days6GB Anytime Data
*9GB Bonus
8GB Unified Value₦3,00030 Days4GB anytime data
*4GB Night Bonus
10GB Unified Value₦3,50030 Days5GB anytime data
*5GB Night Bonus
14GB Unified Value₦5,00030 Days7GB anytime data
*7GB Night Bonus
24GB Unified Value₦6,00030 Days12GB anytime data
*12GB Night Bonus
30GB Unified Value₦7,00030 Days15GB anytime data
*15GB Night Bonus
25GB Mega Value₦10,00030 Days25GB Anytime Data
*Free Unlimited Night Browsing
40GB Mega Value₦12,50030 Days40GB Anytime Data
*Free Unlimited Night Browsing
60GB Mega Value₦15,00030 Days60GB Anytime Data
*Free Unlimited Night Browsing
50GB Always On₦13,00030 DaysFree Unlimited Night Browsing
100GB Always On₦18,00030 Days-
100GB Always On₦19,50030 DaysFree Unlimited Night Browsing
200GB Always On₦37,50030 DaysFree Unlimited Night Browsing
300GB Always On₦55,50030 DaysFree Unlimited Night Browsing