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Airtel Family and Friends is a plan invented to reduce the cost of phone calls to immediate friends and family. Friends and family are two close relations of every individual whose importance can't least be understated. The family is the first and nearest link a person has, assumably seconded by the friends. Once away from them, an individual desires intuitively to talk to them through phone calls, as such the need for a cheap call rate to maintain a healthy discussion.

Airtel Nigeria, one of the four prominent telecom networks in Nigeria offers an opportunity to make concrete the union by keeping contact with four family members and/or friends all day long. With Airtel FAF, you call Airtel numbers for as low as 25 kobos per second (₦15 per minute) during the peak period (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.), and at 21 kobos per second (₦12.6 per minute) during the off-peak period (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

Airtel FAF wipes off any element of fret resulting from incurred costs while making phone calls to your favorites. There's one disclaimer though, you only enjoy these benefits on the Airtel smart connect. This tariff plan is one among several tempting Airtel call plans. The tariff plan comes default with new SIM cards; old Sim users can't migrate to it.

Airtel Family and Friends call rates

For Peak Periods (between 6 am – 9:59 pm):  Airtel FAF subscribers would be charged 25 Kobo per second for a call within this period. This rate is way less than those from other plans.

For off Peak Periods (between10pm – 5:59 am): During this period, call going to a FAF contact would be charged 21 Kobo per second, a rate much better than one for peak periods. The disbenefit this posses is that one would likely trouble an uninterested friend or family member during this time of the day. Even so, it's worth the risk.

When charged from SmartConnect bonus:  Irrespective of the time of the day you make the call when costs are debited from airtime bonuses, the rate stands at 40 kobos per second.

Adding numbers to your FaF list

Airtel FAF permits registering of only four(4) important contacts. Initially, these four numbers could be added for free without charge, however, adding another number after the first four you added would attract a fee. This simply means that, if you feel unsatisfied with the four numbers you initially had registered into your FAF list, you have the liberty of removing any. However, replacing another number into its place would surely cost a fee of ₦20 per number.

To add a number into your FAF list, dial: *311*2*Airtel Number#

e.g. you want to add 08161234567 to your FAF list, dial:


Deleting Numbers on Airtel Family and Friends

When unsatisfied with the continued presence of contact on your FAF list, delete it with ease. To delete or remove any number from your Family and Friends list, simply dial *311*3*number#.

For example, to delete 08161234567 from your FAF list, dial:


Deleting any number from the Family and Friend list is free!

How To View Numbers On Airtel Family and Friends List

To display the contact numbers of your family members or friends on your FAF List, just dial *311*4#.

Comprehensive outline of Airtel FaF

Call Rates25k/s, 21K/s
Adding numbers to FaF list*311*2*Airtel Number#
Deleting numbers from FaF list*311*3*Airtel Number#
View FaF list numbers*311*4#


Airtel tariff plans are critically more or less the same. Airtel FAF is a package under Airtel Smart connect. This plan is like a one-off project — it comes default with new SIM cards, and once a user migrates out of it, he/she can't reactivate such back. Benefits enjoyed with Airtel smart connect to some extent couldn't be directly brought to comparison with other tariff plans. It's FaF, which it is under, doesn't perform poorly however, and it's just a little above the average scale.

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Etiusen akpan

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Please i want to add family and friend but i cannot add
i have dial the code but the said that i am not on the plan that allow Faf my Tarif plan is smart Conect

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Please i want to add family and friend but i cannot add
i have dial the code but the said that i am not on the plan that allow Faf my Tarif plan is smart Conect
Dial *146# to activate family and friends plan

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