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Airtel tariff plans are one of the cheapest in the country. You can send a call through to your far-away friend at a rate as low as 11k/s. This rate of billing per time, however, is plan specific. Some other tariff plans have their different call rate, bringing to bear the question: which tariff plan is the best for a call.

All Airtel's tariff plan effective from the beginning of this year are invented to serve several purposes; some are better for data subscription, while others are just made for calls. Others are just in-between data and calls, as always for some selected type of subscribers.

It is worthy to note that the telecom network, like any other network in Nigeria, most often abstain from revealing the billing of a particular plan, except the package's billing rate is the selling factor. For these seemingly lucrative plans, the billing rate is surreptitiously sheltered, while it's highs are promoted. An initially unconcerned subscriber after being led to subscribe to the plan would regret sooner when he/she initiates a call.

The numerously listed benefits and bonuses are frankly used to lure unsuspecting persons, while the billing rate balances it all up for them. This ploy is regrettably used by all telecom networks in Nigeria, leaving one with the only choice of learning about the billing rate of every tariff plan, before subscription.

Airtel tariff plans 2021

Tariff planCall rateOpt-in code
SmartConnect50k/sComes only with new SIMs
SmartTrybe11k/s after 50 sec*312#
Airtel Freedom plan12.3k/s flat rate*152#
SmartTALK 2.011.3k/s*315#
SmartPREMIER11k/s (40k/s first minute)*318#
SmartVALUE15k/s *314#

Airtel SmartConnect

This is the plan of choice for many Airtel users, although it comes default with new SIMs and couldn't be subscribed to. Airtel SmartConnect gives some enticing data bonuses on every recharge, depending on the amount recharged.

For the first three months of activation, you get 800% the value of all recharges viz:

  • » Main account — 100%.
    » Voice bonus account — 250%.
    » Data bonus account — 250%.
    » Social bonus account — 100%.
    » Family and friends bonus account — 100%.

For calls between 11 pm and 6 am of each day, one is charged 11k/s.
Other call rates are:

  • Family & Friends — 21k/s, 25k/s.
    › Main Bonus Account — 50 Kobo/Second.
    › Voice Bonus Account — 60 Kobo/Second.

How to Migrate to Airtel Smartconnect

Airtel SmartConnect is a one-off bundle, once you are unsubscribed from it, you stand outlawed from it. The only way you can continue enjoying the bonuses from Airtel SmartConnect after unsubscription is to buy a new sim card.

Airtel SmartTrybe

Like Airtel SmartConnect, Airtel SmartTrybe bosses with several exotic bundles. The first recharge of N100 would give a 5MB data bonus. Another recharge of N100 within that same week gives another 10MB.

For calls, users are charged at a rate of 11k/s for all local and international calls after the first 50 seconds of the day.

In summary, the following bonuses apply
  • » Call rate of 11 Kobo/Sec for all local and international calls.
    » 500MB for 25 Naira night browsing (12 am – 5 am).
    » Get 1GB data for just N500 Naira(valid 7 days).
    » Free access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and BBM when near or on campus.
    » 60mb data bonus on 200 naira airtime recharge valid for a month.
    » Free 5 SMS when you pay for two SMS.
    » 30% bonus on data plans worth 500 Naira and above.

How to Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe

The migration code for Airtel SmartTrybe is *312#.

Airtel Freedom Plan

This Tariff plan was initially introduced by Airtel when most telcos were still operating with a charge per minute rate. On this plan, you enjoy 12.3k/sec calls to all networks in Nigeria and calls to all International destinations, is at zone rates. SMS rate is N4 per SMS page to all networks within Nigeria and International SMS is at zone rate.

How to migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan

The first time migration to any Airtel tariff plan is free, and subsequent migration within 30 days will attract a migration penalty of N100. To migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan, dial *152#.

Airtel SmartTalk 2.0

This tariff plan is meant for customers who make calls more than they browse the internet. The package offers just a reduced calling rate, with an access fee to be paid before accessing these calling benefits.

With the Airtel SmartTALK 2.0, you will enjoy a flat rate of 11.3k/s for calls across all local networks after a daily access fee of N7.17k. If no calls are made in a day, no access fee is charged. The international call rate is 20k/s.

Dial *315# to migrate to SmartTALK 2.0 plan.

Airtel Smart Premier

Airtel SMARTPREMIER is a plan which gives a 5MB bonus on recharge of N100 to N198 valid for 1day, 15MB bonus on recharge of N200 to N498 valid for 1day, 50MB bonus on recharge of N500 to N998 valid for 3days and 150MB bonus on recharge of N1000 above valid for 7days. Recharge of N5000 and above within a month gives you up to 500 minutes of free incoming calls while roaming.

The first-minute call to all networks in Nigeria will be billed at 40k/sec, while, subsequent calls will be billed at 11k/sec. The SMS rate is N4.

To Opt-in, simply dial *318#. As usual, the first migration is free, multiple migrations within 30 days attract a migration fee of N100.

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Airtel SmartVALUE

Airtel SmartVALUE offers new and existing prepaid customers a call rate of 15k/s right from the first minute of call to all networks.

To migrate to the plan, text YES to 314 or dial *314#. Multiple migrations within 30 days attract the N100 migration fee. There is however no applicable access fee.

In conclusion, Airtel tariff plans aren't cheap as always portrayed. They aren't so expensive as well. There are just moderate. While choosing a tariff plan that aligns with your need, remember the new VAT on calls and data aren't added to the charges listed above.
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