MTN International calling bundles (mtn idd bundle) Subscription codes and price


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Do you have someone close to your living abroad and you always afraid to call because of outrageous charges that applies to international calls?. No need to worry anymore, the new MTN idd bundle popularly known as MTN International calling bundles allows you to call your friends and families living outside the country at a discounted price.

What is the MTN Idd bundle?

This is a new voice plan package designed to offer you more talking time at an affordable price when calling someone living abroad. Initially even recharging 1500 Naira will not be enough to relax and talk to someone living outside the country but not anymore. A special package has been designed to ease your worries, all you need is to subscribe to MTN International calling bundles (mtn idd bundle) and you will talk more and pay less. If that's what you want then stick with me and let us find out the subscription codes and price.

However, this will not be necessary if you don't have anyone living abroad to call but if you have then mtn idd bundle is the solution to cheap international calling. Presently MTN covers 18 popular countries which as follows:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Sweden
  • South Korea
The rest of other countries supported includes Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg,

If you have got someone from any of the countries above then you are lucky and stand to enjoy a cheap international call rate with the help of the MTN idd bundle.

Types of MTN International calling bundles

To make things easier for you MTN has classified the Idd bundle into 3 plans to suit your need and your pocket as well, the bundle price ranges from N300 - N1500 depending on what you want.

  • International Calling Bundle 1, this will give you 20 International voice minutes for N300
  • International Calling Bundle 2, you will have up to 40 International voice minutes for N500
  • International Calling Bundle 3, you will enjoy up to 150 International voice minutes for N1500

How to buy or subscriber to MTN International Calling Bundles

MTN made it easy to subscribe to any of their 3 International Calling Bundle of your choice by providing a unique subscription code for each of them. Below are the subscriptions and prices of MTN idd bundles.

Bundle TypeIDB300   IDB500   IDB1500
Bundle priceNGN 300NGN 500NGN 1500
Subscription keywordIDB300 to 131IDB500 to 131IDB1500 to 131
Bundle Minutes2040150
Validity days3 days7 days30 days

You have seen the subscription codes and price above but if you still don't understand it then see these examples below.

To subscribe to N300 international calling bundle, simply send IDB300 to 131 and you will have up to 20 minutes talk time when you call any of your family and friends living abroad. If you need more talk time then you can send IDB500 to 131 or IDB1500 to 131 to get up to 150 minutes of calls on international calls in supported countries.

Frequently Asked Questions on MTN International calling bundles

MTN has provided an answer to all your questions regarding Idd call available on their web portal here. Feel free to go through the questions and answers as provided by MTN below.
Will I be able to purchase the same bundle multiple times?

Yes, you will be able to purchase the same bundle multiple times as well as purchase different bundles at the same time.

Will I be able to purchase another bundle if I exhaust the voice minutes in my current bundle before my bundle expires?

Yes, you will be able to re-purchase that same bundle again after exhausting the minutes AND you can as well buy another bundle type
Example: If you buy IDB500 and exhaust the minutes, you will be able to buy another IDB500 bundle or buy IDB300 or IDB1500.

Will I be able to purchase another bundle if I have not exhausted the minutes in my current active bundle?

Yes, you will be able to purchase another bundle even if you have not exhausted the minutes in your current bundle.

Will I be able to call national numbers with the bundle minutes?

No, you will not be able to make national calls or call other international callings not listed in the eligible international calling.

Will I be able to call the eligible calling when the bundle expires?

No, all your calls to the eligible destinations will be charged from your main account and at the current international rate.

Will my international bundle renew automatically after expiration?

Yes, your international bundle subscription will be renewed automatically as long as you have enough money in your main account at the time of renewal.

Will I be able to stop my bundle from renewing automatically?

Yes, you will be able to stop your bundle from renewing automatically by sending the cancellation keyword to 131 before the time of expiry.

For IDB300, text NoIDB300 to 131
For IDB500 text NoIDB500 to 131
For IDB1500, text NoIDB1500 to 131

What happens to my unused minutes after my bundle expires?

Once your bundle expires, all your unused voice minutes will be cleared from your bundle account BUT if you renew your bundle before it expires, all your unused voice minutes will be rolled over to the next bundle cycle.

Will I be able to buy International Calling Bundle again after canceling the auto-renewal?

Yes, you will be able to buy the International Calling Bundle again by sending the keyword of that bundle type to 131.

How can I check my bundle balance?

Simply dial *559*7#

Will my old bundle auto-renew?

No, your old bundle will not renew again. You will be required to subscribe to any of the new bundles.


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