Airtel TV — APK download, registration and how it works


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Airtel TV — APK download, registration and how it works
Posted on: March 19, 2020, 04:50:52 AM
Banking on the successes of various online content services like Iroko tv and Netflix, Telecommunication network provider, Airtel Nigeria came up with its own content platform named — Airtel TV.

Through the app, Airtel users are able to access music videos, live stations, and sports news. This TV streaming app is similar to the SuperTv app — released by 9mobile in 2019. The highs of it was that when using a 9mobile sim card, you won't incur any browsing charges for the first 7 days of activation. However after the seven days trial, one need to continue streaming by subscribing to a daily, weekly or monthly plans on Gold and Starter bouquets.

General Information about Airtel TV

There's no content subscription package with Airtel TV, although you certainly need to get a convenient data bundle. To watch contents, switch on your data connection, then launch the TV app. To use this service, one need to use an Airtel Internet, either it is the one on your phone or an Airtel connected Wi-Fi network. A popup notification would come up if you browse the portal through any other telecom network aside the Airtel network. Airtel Tv wouldn't work on a VPN connection.

To enjoy the service brought to it's users by Airtel, you need to register for it with your Airtel line.

How to register for Airtel TV

  • » Start by assessing the Airtel TV portal here.

    » You will be requested to insert your mobile Airtel mobile number before being redirected to app's playstore page.

    » Launch the app.

    » Click on “Register’’ after the app has been launched, then enter your registered Airtel phone number, Email address and thereafter click “continue’’.

    » A four digit OTP would be sent to your device, enter it, then click the button to confirm it.

More about Airtel TV

Aside watching local movies, you can tune in to live TV directly from the app. This is in fulfilment of the company's claim to provide a “television platform would deliver the very best of television experience..” TV channels included are: Bloomberg, Trace (Urban, Africa, Mziki, Tropical, Gospel, and Sports Stars), Gametoon, Fashion Box, Bollywood, Nautical, God TV, Inspiration TV, and Al Jazeera, etc.

Reviews has it that the app is filled with majority of old movies rather than new ones. These are relayed in English, Hausa, Swahili, Hindi, Yoruba, Igbo, or Shona languages. Users can choose to stream these movies in low, high, auto, or medium quality.

Airtel hopes that with it's 'robust' and widely covered 4G network, users would enjoy seamless first class viewing experience with the service.

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