Nigerian house of Reps acquiring exotic cars while other Nations are fighting COVID 19


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Nigeria is indeed a funny country, other countries of the world are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus and to stabilized the infected ones while Nigerians house of representatives is busy acquiring some of the approved 400 Toyota Camry 2020 model, a Luxury car that will cost billions of Naira in total.

Show me average Nigerian legislature who doesn't have at least 3 exotic cars and yet they want more while their citizens are doing of hunger, No electricity, No job, death of innocent Nigerians daily and yet the only thing that matters to them right now is Toyota Camry 2020 model, congrats to Toyota ministry is growing and courtesy of the Nigerian Government.

Presently other countries are not only trying to stop the spread of coronavirus but as well catering for their citizens in one way or the other and as well trying their possible best to keep their economy in check during the trial time of COVID-.19. but what has the Nigerian government done so far?

When I listened to the news some hours ago I heard Nigerian Govt pleading to the general public, individuals and co-operate bodies to support the fight against COVID-19 and indeed some prominent Nigerians are doing their best contributing immensely to the fight against COVID-.19 outbreak in Nigeria.

However, I wouldn't say that the Nigerian Government is not doing anything but their effort is not enough and if they have such amount of money to spend on cars during this trial time then they can surely do more for their Citizens. They have approved a 10 billion Naira grant (about $27 million) to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Sit at Home to stay safe

Some Governors have started to impose sit at home in their various states but my question is, what have these governors done to provide for people they are asking to stay at home without food and electricity to keep them busy. Undoubtedly staying at home is the best way to protect ourselves against this coronavirus but on the other hand, some families eat from pure water hawking business to survive, whats happens to them now?.

Contributions by Government, individuals, Banks and other sectors so far

* The Nigerian government has approved a 10 billion Naira grant (about $27 million) to fight the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the country.

* United Bank for Africa (UBA) donated 5 billion Naira (about $13 million) to provide beds for isolation centers, intensive care unit facilities and direct access to medical advice to up to 450,000 citizens every day.

* Wealthy Nigerians, members of the private sector including Femi Otedola, Abdulsamad Rabiu, Herbert Wigwe, Segun Agbaje and Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man, all contributed 1 billion Naira (about $2.7 million) each to support the government in curtailing the pandemic in Nigeria.

The same Government that depends on its citizens to help them fight the coronavirus are the same people that have enough money to buy and share 400 Toyota Camry 2020 model.

What Uk Government are doing to protect their citizens

Uk is refitting its ExCeL London Centre to create thousands of new beds for COVID-19 sufferers, complete with oxygen, ventilators and other key equipment in the battle against the deadly virus. You can see the structure and men at work below.

The exhibition centre, in East London, will become the NHS Nightingale Hospital, creating an impressive 4,000 beds.

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