(Warning) Only use your bank ATM Machine throughout the lockdown period


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Hello my fellow Nigerians, I will like to use this medium to advise you to always use only your bank ATM Machine during this period in various states in Nigeria because I am currently feeling the pain right now and if you are wise you will listen to my advice. However, a similar warning has been escalated already through Whatsapp and other social networking channels.

Below is the warning message I received from a friend on Whatsapp:

A senior banker advised that people should not use ATM of other banks other than their bank for any transaction. He said, Interswitch has stopped operations, so any issue that comes while using another bank ATM will not be resolved till they resume back after COVID-19. Ensure you withdraw only from your bank ATM.
Please tell your neighbor, Friends, and Family!

This message just came rate because I am already in a mess for using another bank rather than mine to withdraw money and till now my ATM and money are gone without any means of contacting the bank. Let me share my story a bit for you to understand the situation you will be putting yourself into if you failed to heed to my advice.

A week today being Wednesday 1st of April 2020, I went to the nearest Ecobank ATM Machine around 7 PM in preparation for the proposed sit at home (Lockdown) order that will kick off on Thursday the 2nd of April, though there was heavy rainfall that particular day and I never knew that ATM is using NEPA to work without backup power maybe the rainfall never allow their inverter to charge I guess.

I walked majestically to the ATM as directed by the security man that showed me the ATM that is currently paying, I felt excited that at least their ATM is working and there is money. I quietly inserted my ATM and followed all the procedures, like insert your pin, savings, or current account this and that. Well to cut the long story short, I was hearing the ATM counting the money and waiting to collect my cash and that was the end, all the ATM in that bank went off.

I was like, what happened before I knew what is going on the 2 security men left and went inside and I was still standing because I don't know what happened. After a few minutes, one of them came out and told me sorry that the card cannot come out again that NEPA took light. I told the man you can't be serious, this is my main account and everything I have is inside.

Finally, He told me that maybe the inverter did not charge but I asked again, are you telling me that you people that have the means to know the percentage of the inverter because I use one myself and I know when it's low or fully charged maybe when its 100%, 50% or 30%  and he said no. While exchanging words with him, I got an alert indicating that the money has already been debited from my account and till now both the money and ATM card are pending till the lockdown is over, Imagine the situation.

In conclusion

I can't be stranded I always find a way to move on the only problem I have is that the ATM card and money I wanted to withdraw is gone till further notice but I am still able to withdraw money when I want to and how I want, are you surprised?

I was able to manage the situation because I have all the numbers on the ATM card off head both the one in the front and back which means, I can still transfer the money from one account to the other even without the card. A website like quickteller.com will surely help but I still have my mobile banking app that can as well be used to send money to any account and then withdraw it with another ATM card.

Lastly, what if the money I wanted to withdraw was all I have at that moment, what will be my fair? So guy whether your bank is far or not only use your bank to withdraw or face the same situation or the one worse than mine.


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