How to Play Golden chance Lotto with a short code (USSD)


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How to Play Golden chance Lotto with a short code (USSD)
Posted on: April 23, 2020, 03:19:20 AM
Winners Golden Chance recently introduced a USSD shortcode to enable their customers to play lotto games with their mobile phones even without the internet and no bank transitions required. I previously wrote some guides on how to play lotto only here but Winners Golden Chance has got a better option for lotto players.

How will you feel if you can play lotto games online using airtime credit on your phone without bothering about funding your betting account through a bank?
Will you be happy to play games with any type of phone when you want and how you want without any internet connection?
Well, that's the kind of opportunity Golden chance offers, with their shortcode (USSD) you can play your favorite lotto games using any phone, even the one without internet. Whether you have money in your bank or not, you are good to go, all you need is to have enough airtime on your phone.

I confirmed the news some minutes ago while navigating through their twitter handler, they wrote:

You requested it, we have granted your request!!!

*Golden Chance Lotto* is here with our *USSD code*.

You can now play it in the comfort of your home with your small phone.

You don't need the internet to play.
Just with your airtime from MTN *7005# and 9mobile *2050#

From the statement above you can see that playing lotto on your phone using your airtime is now possible. However, it also clear that they only partner with 2 telecommunication network in Nigeria which is MTN and 9MOBILE.

To play Golden Chance lotto using shortcode you must have either MTN or 9Mobile but I believe that other networks will follow soon, the also have a separate shortcode for each network.

To play with MTN the code you need to dial is *7005# while 9Mobile is *2050#, I don't have 9Mobile Sim card but I am going to check how it works using MTN network.

When I dialed the shortcode I saw the following 5 options

1. PLAY GAME: When you are ready to play simply select this option
2. DRAW RESULTS: This will help you check results on your phone without internet
3. CASHOUT (Retail Only): This option is what you need when you win the game
4. FUND TRANSFER: This is the best option if you need to transfer you winning to the bank, it has 2 options (1. bank details, 2. Transfer fund to the bank)
5. CHECK MY WALLET: Any money funded on your account can be found here when you click check my wallet.

My personal experience

I don't like writing about what I don't know so I personally tried playing Golden Chance lotto with my phone using my airtime and here are my findings.
The process is simple and straightforward, used my airtime to play 2Sure N10 to see if it's actually working as they claimed but I was impressed and I took some screenshot to prove it. see the images above to see that am not joking.

Games you can play using Golden Chance USSD

Golden chance has their own unique games and they are not premier lotto popularly known as Baba Ijebu but if you have been following my lotto results update page here then you already know about Golden chance games but you can find out more on this post

I spotted one big issue

Everything worked perfectly but I noticed that Golden chance doesn't allow lotto players to play permutation of numbers using the same shortcode (USSD) if you look at the image I provided above you will notice that it only has 2direct and 3direct. For me its a big bad news because I prefer perming numbers after playing 2sure and 3direct.

How to Withdraw winnings

I know some people will still ask how they are going to withdraw their money after winning but it's simple. dial *7005# if you are using MTN or *2050# if you use 9Mobile. type 4 and send to select FUND TRANSFER, type 1 to select BANK DETAILS, update your bank details accordingly. Start the same processor again from fund transfer and type 2 to select TRANSFER FUND TO BANK, input the amount, and click Ok.
Navigation: (*7005# > 4 Transfer Funds > 1/2 update bank details or transfer to the bank if you have done so)

If you are still not able to play winners golden chance using a shortcode or face any challenges, don't hesitate to share with me using comment option below


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Re: How to Play Golden chance Lotto with a short code (USSD)
#1 Posted on: July 18, 2020, 05:36:37 AM
Pls code for those using glo sim


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Re: How to Play Golden chance Lotto with a short code (USSD)
#2 Posted on: August 17, 2020, 06:12:29 PM
I need game 💯 sure


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