MTN Video pack Youtube & Startimes Subscription Codes


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MTN Video pack Youtube & Startimes Subscription Codes
Posted on: May 04, 2020, 03:30:20 PM
The mobile telecommunication giant MTN has introduced a video streaming package that enables MTN subscribers to watch Youtube videos and Startimes TV channels using the Startimes mobile App.

What is MTN video pack

MTN video pack is a new platform designed to allow MTN subscribers with smartphones, and Tablets to stream videos with ease. They have Youtube streaming plans and Startimes video streaming plans, I will be sharing more details on how to subscribe to MTN video pack (Youtube & Startimes).

If you have been using your regular data plan to watch YouTube Videos or Startime programs then you are missing something or should I say you are spending more than you should. Why paying much to watch Youtube or Startime videos while you can actually pay less when you subscribe to the MTN video streaming package.

Imagine watching Youtube video for 1 hour for just N150 or 5 hours between 12 AM - 5 AM for N50. On a normal data subscription, you will surely spend more data streaming Youtube videos.

MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack subscription codes

Without wasting much of your time, I will be listing the MTN Youtube video streaming plans and subscription codes. If that what you want, then keep reading to learn more about the plans, prices, and subscription codes. The available Youtube streaming packages are as follows.

  • Youtube 1 Hour streaming = N150 (750MB)
  • 3 Hours Youtube streaming = N400 (2.25GB)
  • 5 Hours between 12 AM - 5 AM = N50 (500MB)
  • 7 Hours of Youtube video streaming between 11 PM - 6 AM = N200 (2 GB)
  • 14 Days(2 weeks) video streaming =N500 "1GB (YouTube Only) + 500MB (Data Access)"

How to subscriber to MTN Youtube Streaming packs

I have provided the available Youtube streaming plans provided by MTN but the questions on how to subscribe to any of the plans remain on unanswered and that's what I am going to help you with now.

* Youtube 1 Hour streaming = N150 (750MB)

To subscribe to 1 hour Youtube video streaming for N150 you simply need to text VP1 to 131 as an SMS. Make sure you have up to N150 on your phone before subscribing to the streaming plan.

Meanwhile, this plan doesn't have a specific day or time you can subscribe or use it the package. You are free to subscribe to the plan anytime and any day but you only have 750MB allocated to you and once you finish the available data, you will not be able to stream on Youtube.

* 3 Hours Youtube streaming = N400 (2.25GB)

The 3 hours MTN Youtube streaming packs gives you 3 hours of fun and unlimited access to all your favorite Youtube videos. You can subscribe to this play any day and any time, no restrictions but you only have access for 3 hours streaming for as low as N400.

To subscribe to this streaming plan you only need to text VP3 to 131 through text message using your phone to activate the plan. 

Note: That you have been giving 3 hours to stream youtube Videos doesn't mean it's unlimited. You only have (2.25GB) available and the timer starts once you start watching a video on YouTube.

* 5 Hours between 12 AM - 5 AM = N50 (500MB)

This is the most affordable MTN YouTube Video streaming Pack plan but you must be willing to deprive yourself of a night sleep between 12 AM - 5 AM to be able to enjoy this offer. However, to subscribe to this plan simply text VP5 to 131 to subscribe.

Obviously, there are some restrictions on this plan compared to other streaming plans, you have only 24 hours to enjoy the offer which means that when you miss watching videos between 12 AM to 5 AM then the subscribe is gone.

7 Hours of Youtube video streaming between 11 PM - 6 AM = N200 (2 GB)

MTN gives its subscribers 7 hours of uninterrupted fun and entertainment for as low as N200  only. The streaming access is given is 7 hours but has 7 days (one week) validity which means you can be streaming videos on YouTube 1 hour daily for 7 days.

The data allocated is 2GB and when you exhaust the data allocated to you for streaming, you will not able to watch any Youtube videos again. To subscribe to this play for N200 text VP7 to 131.

14 Days(2 weeks) video streaming =N500 "1GB (YouTube Only) + 500MB (Data Access)"

The MTN 14 YouTube Video Streaming Pack is mostly called YouTube Plus bundle because it allows you to stream videos on YouTube and as well gives up to 500MB to surf the web or to stream videos from other platforms other than YouTube.

MTN YouTube Plus bundle will give you 1GB data for Youtube video streaming and 500MB to browse and stream from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Meanwhile, there is no restriction on how and when to watch your favorite videos on YouTube but you only have 1GB allocated to you. To subscribe, simply text YPD to 131 to subscribe to MTN 14 YouTube Video Streaming Pack.

 works between 12AM - 5AM
N50500MBTEXT VP5 TO 131
 works between 11PM - 6AM
N2002 GBTEXT VP7 TO 131

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MTN Startimes Video Streaming Pack

MTN StarTimes video streaming pack is a time-based data plan that enables you as an MTN customer to watch live TV channels with your internet-enabled smartphone and at unbeatable rates on the StarTimes App.

In case you don't know, Startimes is a paid cable TV channel provider in Nigeria that has created a great mobile application that allows its subscribers to watch most of their channels live and direct from their smartphones. Interestingly, Startime subscribers can simply link their regular monthly subscription to their Startimes mobile apps to gain access to exclusive channels for free. To watch those Startimes channels on your phone you need 2 things.

  • Startime mobile App
  • StarTimes Video Streaming pack plans

Without Startime mobile App you will not be able to watch their TV channels on your phone and for that reason, you have to visit Google play store to download the StarTimes App.  After downloading followeth registration procedures to register and link your Startime Smartcard.

StarTimes Video Streaming pack plans

Let's assume you have downloaded the app and installed it on your phone, the next start is to subscribe to StarTimes Video Streaming pack plans. However, MTN only has 2 available streaming plans for StarTimes.

  • 750MB (N150 60 minutes) Startimes streaming
  • 2.25GB (N400 3 hours) streaming plan

To subscribe to 750MB for N150 with 1 hour (60 minutes) streaming access you will have to text ST1 to 131 to activate but you have 24 hours to enjoy the subscription and after 24 hours the subscription will expire.

The biggest Startimes streaming plan is 2.25GB for N400 with 3 hours streaming access but still have 24 hours validity period. That is to say that you have to use up the streaming subscription within 24 hours or else it will expire. To subscribe send ST3 to 131 and make sure you have up to N400 on your phone.

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750MB(60 MINUTES) 24 hours VALIDITY N150750MBTEXT ST1 TO 131
2.25GB(3 HOURS) 24 hours VALIDITY N4002.25GBTEXT ST3 TO 131

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