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Posted by: Everest
« on: May 22, 2020, 06:11:08 PM »

There are many ways to charge your laptop in your car especially when you are not at home or when you are not close to the main power source that can be used to charge your laptop using its regular charger. The answer to whether you can charge your phone from your car or using a USB connector is "YES". we are going to find out the possibility and how it can be done.

Why it matters (charging your Laptop inside your car)

Laptops are one of the portable electronic gadgets that we use for our daily computing needs, it's easy to move around with your laptops and can be used anywhere and anytime as long as it remains charged. The major obstacle is how to charge the laptop while on the go, that's where charging your laptop inside your car or simply by using a USB connector is important.

Since laptops can be used on the go, we are going to find a way to be able to charge it on the go too, if that sounds good to you then this piece of information is for you. However, I will not only show you how to charge your laptop right inside any car but will as well show you other various means to charge your laptop with ease.

How to charge your Laptop in Car or using a USB connector

As I said earlier, there are different ways to charge your laptop even without the laptop main charger, whether you are inside your car or anywhere but need to charge your laptop without the charger. Firstly let start with how to charge your laptop in a car.

Charge your laptop using the cigarette port

The simplest and inexpensive way to do this is to get a DC to DC converter which affordable and capable of converting 12V to 19V as needed in most laptops. Some people will use an expensive Inverter for the conversion of the energy which is not as efficient compared to covering DC-DC. what you need is this laptop charger with cigarette lighter port below

You can find 12V DC-DC laptop chargers with cigarette port between $11-$28 less than 10K in Nigeria. Laptop charging ports are mostly different, you must be sure that the charge has the correct plug with up to 19V output

How to charge the laptop

Simply open your car cigarette lighter port and plug the charger, check the charger plug sizes to see the one that fits in your laptop charger port. Select the appropriate output voltage to avoid damaging your laptop. That's all, your laptop will be charging as you enjoy the ride.

Use this universal 150w Car Power Inverter

You can alternatively charge your laptop using this affordable universal 150w Car Power Inverter, you don't need to buy any special DC-DC converter but you need your laptop main charger. With this universal 150w Car Power Inverter, you can use to charge your laptop and your smartphone at the same time.

I wrote about this universal 150w Car Power Inverter a few years ago because I bought it and used it as a replacement for MTN Solar Dc To AC Inverter it only cost between N4000 - N6000 less than $15.

How to connect universal 150w Car Power Inverter

This one doesn't require much hustle, you simply plug your laptop charger, keep it in a stable place to prevent it from falling. Unlike other methods that don't require your charger, Universal 150w Car Power Inverter will need your main laptop charger to work. However, if your car battery is not strong enough or has some issues then don't charge your laptop while packing your car.

Note: The charger image above is not the only charger that can be used to charge your laptop inside a car because there are hundreds of them in the market, it all depends on what you want.

How to charge a laptop with USB Connector

How fun it can be to charge your laptop using a USB cable just the same way we charge our smartphones. Well it's possible to charge your laptop using a USB cable connector if that's what you want and I am going to show you how.

Moreover, there are different types of USB cable connectors that you need to know, we have type A USB 3.1 connector with speeds up to 10 Gbit/s and Type C USB 3.2 with speeds up to 20 Gbit/s. Now, type A USB 3.1 is the popular type you mostly charge your smartphones with and it doesn't have enough power to charge a laptop. The good news is that USB-C USB-C knows as Type C can do the magic because it supplies enough power that can charge a laptop.

One big problem is that not every laptop has the USB Type C port but most modern ones have it and if you are lucky to have such a laptop with a Type C USB port then let get it charged.

How to charge a laptop with USB-C

If your laptop has a built-in USB-C port, you can charge your laptop via a USB-C cable, just be sure that the cable has a plug adapter (the box-shaped plug at the end of your phone charger that can be plugged into the outlet). Indeed some laptops use a USB-C cable as their primary charger.

To charge your laptop via USB-C:
Plug one end of the USB-C cord into a power outlet and then plug the other end of the USB-C cord into your laptop and you are done. No big deal right?

How to charge your laptop with a power bank

Does it sound strange to you that you can charge a laptop with a power bank?. Yes you can but not just any power bank but a how capacity power banks designed for the work.

One of the best ways to charge your laptop is through a power bank. but you will have to dig deeper to find a good quality power bank with type C USB port. However, Your laptop must as well have type C USB port for it to work, though a power bank might not be sufficient enough to fully charge a laptop but will help you when you need the most.