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Have you heard about Aella health care insurance? I guess the answer is no especially to those who don't know what is Aella and the services they offer. Aella is one of the best mobile loan providers in Nigeria with a dedicated mobile app that don't only give you access to quick loan but as well design to offer the best affordable health care insurance to everyone.

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I don't think that Aella knows whether I exist or not but I have to keep you guys informed and as well promote any product and services that worth promoting. I have been using Aella for my quick loan need and if I count 2 or 3 best mobile loan providers in Nigeria they will surely be on the list. I have confidence that their health care insurance service will be top-notch.

With Aella mobile app, you can easily access loans, signup for affordable health care insurance, transfer money from Aella mobile app to any bank in Nigeria, Pay your utility bills, and buy airtime with ease. We are going to discuss more about Aella health insurance, how it works, the benefits, and how to get started.

Nigerians don't care much about health insurance because some believe its a scam while some believe it's expensive but things have changed over the years, who would believe that today you only need a few clicks to get a loan in Nigeria despite the scam mentality we all have and the same thing applies to health care insurance. Getting affordable health care insurance has become a reality and its time to prepare for inevitabilities.

You don't need to pay thousands or millions anymore for health insurance, with Aella health care services you can get started with as low as N2000 but if I may ask, do you even need any health care insurance?. Lets get the answer before we proceed.

Why you need Aella Health care Insurance (Benefits)

If you don't take your health seriously then its time to change your mindset, life has no duplicate and should be protected with every means available. If you think you don't have any reason to get any health care insurance then you need to see what Aella offers before you conclude.

1. Dental care (up to a limit of 10,000 per Annum): Aella is giving dental care support worth up to N10,000 per annum which will be beneficial to anyone facing any dental related issues presently or in the future.

2. Support for Accidents and Emergencies: Nobody prays to encounter any accidents or emergencies but we are humans and what happens the next minutes is what we can't predict, so we better prepare ourselves for emergencies. Thanks to Aella health care insurance that's designed to be there for you when it matters most.

3. Surgeries (up to a limit of N200,000): The little money you pay today can actually save your life tomorrow, Aella health care services are one of the cheapest out there and yet you are entitled to up to N200,000 support when you have any health issues that require surgery, interesting right?

4. Family planning services: What do you know about family planning, are you married or about to? Aella is allowing you to learn more about family planning, With the help of this service, you will learn about child spacing, how to avoid pregnancy while staying with your partner, and lots more.

5. HIV/AIDS care and treatment (up to a limit of N100,000 per annum): If you are HIV/AIDS positive don't panic you are not alone, you can still live as long as God wants you to, all it requires is proper care and that's one of the services Aella health care insurance offers.

6. Outpatient and Specialist consultations: An outpatient is a patient/someone who attends a hospital for treatment without staying there overnight, whether you have a serious or minor health issue you will be taking care of and in case you need to speak to health care experts, the door will always be open for you.

7. Support for Eyeglass or contact lenses ( Upto N10,000) If you are having eye problems that require eyeglass or contact lens but can't afford one, Aella is willing to support you with up to N10,000. Your sight is very important and Aella is ready to help anytime.

8. Ante-Natal Care & Delivery services (100,000 delivery limit) Don't worry about where and how to deliver your child Aella health care support will ensure a successful 9 months journey and as well help take care of the bills. All these services for just a token.

9. Physiotherapy (N25,000) In case you don't understand what Physiotherapy is all about, it's the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery and Aella is ready to chip in 25K for such services.

10. Pharmacy Benefits (Prescribing Medicines and Drugs up to N80,000) Don't stay in pain all in the name of not having money for drugs and treatment, Aella health insurance is willing to help you find the best drugs needed to stay healthy and as well supports you with up to N80,000.

Other benefits include hospital admission and Accommodation support up to 20 days pay annum, Measles Routine Immunisation, Eyecare up to N25,000, X-rays, laboratory, and diagnostic services.

How to start your health care insurance with Aella

Now that you have seen the benefits, the question is how to get started and what it might cost you to enjoy all these irresistible health care services listed above. As I said earlier, Aella health care insurance only cost a token and it's categorized into

  • Basic Plan (Monthly N2,000)
  • Quarterly plan (3 months N5,000)
  • Bi-annual Plan (6 months N9,500)
  • Annual Plan (12 months 18,000)

With Just N18,000 yearly you can enjoy the best health care services that worth more than N500,000 if you calculate all the benefits that come from Aella health care insurance. However, you can surprise your family and friends by giving them health care insurance at an affordable rate.

Your wife, husband, children aged father and mother needs this health care, and Aella made it easy for you to give insurance to your loved once with ease.

How to get started

All you need is to download Aella mobile loan app from google play store here install it and signup without any fear, they are trustworthy and all your details are safe with them. After signing up, click insurance to get affordable health care insurance for yourself or loved ones.

However, if you are signing for someone else you will see the option that says Give insurance click the option and fill the personal details of the person, it could be anyone you care about, wife, husband, parents, children or a friend.


Good health is wealth, so let try something different, securing an affordable health insurance for yourself and family should be your priority and Aella is allowing you to enjoy the best health care services in Nigeria. Let's not forget you can use Aella mobile app to get a quick loan in less than 5 minutes.

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Feel free to contribute or ask any questions regarding the Aella health insurance services and I will promptly respond to your questions.

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