(Inforib Revenue Programme Review) Don't waste your time its useless!


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Update 20-06-2021: Hello, after few months of trying to promote inforib to see how it works and to earn extra income, I have concluded that its a fake and useless to waste your precious time trying to promote Inforib unless you are Jobless and don't value your time.

Please avoid such a platform especially when your intention is to make money because you are not making anything but it's all your choice, I have used it since last your and nothing significant but if you are okay making N1 per page view and waste your data then go ahead.


Have you heard about Inforib.com, a website that can help you make a very good reasonable amount of money on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?. Good for you if you have already become a participant because you must be making a substantial amount of money by now but for those who are just hearing about the Inforib revenue program, congrats to you too because I have prepared to share first-hand info about the program and will also guide you on how to make money through the platform.

What is Inforib

Inforib.com is an online forum built to give access to everyone to ask or find answers to their question in a convenient and conducive environment. Inforib is not a forum like Xtremeloaded.com but a general online platform similar to Quora.com and WealthResult.com. The website is a question and answer forum where you can ask any question or find an answer to your question with ease.

You can as well define Inforib as a website that lets you make money by publishing articles, reading articles, commenting on articles, referring other people to join the platform, etc. Everything you do, you get paid on Inforib and that's how it works.

However, Inforib is not like NNU, Blog9ja, and Newsday income programs but you can make money using the same system but the difference is that Inforib doesn't ask you for a signup fee or ask you to publish news. Asking questions and providing useful answers to people's questions is what matters most. You can as well Publish high-quality and helpful articles regularly to earn more money.

How Inforib works

In as much as I agree that every dream of a web marketer is to make money, the owner of Inforib.com intends to create a unique and convenient environment where people across the globe can easily ask questions and find answers to their questions with ease.

Participation is free: Unlike the NNU revenue program, you don't have to pay any signup fee to join Inforib instead you will earn N500 instantly for joining their platform and that's what's make them best at the moment. now to earn an instant N500 welcome bonus. Meanwhile, I still have more info to share about this program.

Is Inforib Real or Scam (how Legiti is Inforib)

I understand you wouldn't like to waste your time on a useless make money online scheme that doesn't work but if it wasn't real I wouldn't be wasting my energy writing about them. Meanwhile am also a member of the Inforib revenue sharing program making good money right now and sharing the info is to help you make some cash while we are on partial COVID-19 lockdown.

Who owns Inforib.com?

Sometimes it hard to trust any online revenue program without knowing the brain behind the platform but I am happy to tell you that the owner of Inforib is a well-known blogger and digital marker popularly known as Mr Ifiokobong Ibanga. he also owns one of the popular blog called infoguidenigeria.com.

Why you should choose Inforib Revenue Programme

I know you have seen different articles on the internet on how to make money online but most of them require one investment or the other while some require that you must own a popular website in other to make money. The good news is that you don't need any of the following.

  • You don't need a website to earn money through Inforib
  • No signup fee required instead you will earn a ₦500 signup bonus.
  • No investment required to make money from Inforib
  • Doesn't require full-time work to make money

How to Make ₦20,000 Weekly from Inforib revenue program

Honestly, there is no limit to the amount you can make through the Inforib.com revenue sharing program but nothing good comes easy and that's what you should have at the back of your head. You can make more than 10-20K per week but it depends on your capabilities, the more you work the more you earn but the task is not even hard. Below are the 10 possible ways to make money through the Inforib.com revenue sharing program.

1. When you register on Inforib.com, after reading the terms and conditions, you become a user or a member and can participate in the Inforib Revenue Programme. Once you activate your account, you earn a ₦500 welcome bonus.

2. When you submit an article and it is published, you earn between N200 – N1000 per article. Read the article guidelines before you submit them.

3. When you post a valid comment on an article, you earn N10

4. When you log in to your account daily, you earn N5

5. When you ask a good question, you earn N1

6. When you answer a question, you earn N5

7. When you refer another person to register at Inforib.com using your unique referral code, you earn N10.

8. When you refer people to visit inforib.com even if they don’t register, you earn N1 for each visitor you refer to the platform.

9. Each article you read, you earn N1

10. Each question you open and read, you earn N1


All answers must be original, relevant, and up to 30 words). (any answer less than 30 words will be deleted). If you don’t know the answer to any question, don’t try to answer it as irrelevant answers will be deleted.

If any of your question or answer is irrelevant and are deleted, N10 will be subtracted from your earnings.

If you post a spam comment, they will subtract N5 from your earnings.

Why Wait?

What is the minimum payout

You only need to earn ₦5,000 to withdraw to your local bank account directly. Moreover, you can withdraw anytime and any day as long as you reach up to the 5k threshold.


I am currently exploring different means to increase my earning through the platform and will not hesitate to share more info later if I find any. for the main time, you can ask any question about Inforib Revenue Programme

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Hope Idama

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I'm currently a member of inforib revenue income and i have trying to publish an article but i don't no i to go about it


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I'm currently a member of inforib revenue income and i have trying to publish an article but i don't no i to go about it
Your email needs to be confirmed and approved before you can publish a post on Inforib


  • Guest
Please how do I cash out from inforib I'm a member too.
And secondly ,they hardly reply emails.why please


  • Guest
How long does it take for your article to be approved on inforib?.


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I have submitted some posts. How long will it take to be published? It reached a certain stage after commenting, I was not paid for the comments again

Glory Ojarada

  • Guest
I have sent the email for withdrawal to admin.inforib yet no reply till now, why ?

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