8 Things you must avoid to succeed in life


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8 Things you must avoid to succeed in life
Posted on: July 17, 2020, 11:36:12 PM
To succeed in life you must get few things right, everything has its principles, the only way to get to your destination is to follow the right path that leads to your destination but when you follow the wrong path you will see yourself in another destination. Sometimes it's not about where you want to go, it’s about how to get there, and when you follow the right path then there is every tendency that you are going to reach your destination.

Yes, you might be doing all you can to succeed but sometimes the reason why you are not where you expect to be is not that you are not hardworking but because you are involving yourself in things that distract you and push you out from the right path.

Things you must avoid to succeed in life

Without further hesitation, I am going to list some of the things you should stop doing to succeed in life, the things that only distract you. You are already blessed so stop asking God or whatever you believe in to bless you, simply avoid the following.

1. Avoid Gambling

I decided to make gambling my number one list because 75% of Nigerians are indirectly or directly involved in one gambling or the other, that's okay but let me remind you of the implications. Gambling can render you useless for life. A gambler hardly saves money for anything but can use every penny available to gamble with the hope of getting more which is not realistic.

Well, I know much about gambling because I used to play it a lot and I know how it affects me negatively though, you have every right to play or decide not to play but I will like to give you a little assignment. Stop playing gambling for 1 month if you can and dedicate your time to your business, you will see the difference.

Whether you are playing sports betting or lotto you should be careful to avoid hurting yourself in the end. Out of millions of Nigerians that play gambling, how many people can boastfully stand and tell you that they are rich through gambling, I don't doubt the fact that some people are lucky enough to win a reasonable amount of money but how many of your friends and relations have been able to win millions?.

2. Avoid bad friends

If you want to succeed in life the first thing is to differentiate between good and bad, there are good friends and bad friends and you must trash out those bad friends that only teach you how to get boyfriend and girlfriend which doesn't add any value to your life.

Avoid those friends that live for today and never think about tomorrow, they are a bad influence to you, what you need is a friend that helps you grow and stay on the right path, a friend who encourages you to keep moving for greater tomorrow and not those that doesn't care about what happens tomorrow or how to become someone greater in the future.

3. Be careful about Boyfriend and Girlfriend

I understand that sometimes it seems as if we can't do without the opposite sex that is why you see people between 16 - 20 years of age already in a serious relationship. That’s okay, there is nothing wrong with having a friend but when it becomes a distraction or hindrance you have to quite and face your life.

Sometimes if you are not careful you will use the money that you can use to establish yourself to make your friend happy. Avoid any friend who doesn’t care about your future because any wrong move you take today will reflect tomorrow.

4. Focus on the things that matter

What matters in your life depends on what you want and what you want determines what matters. One of the problems we have is that we pay more attention to those things that don't matter and ignores the ones that matter most. Honestly, it's not about how you feel doing what you are doing or how you are doing it but where it leads you is what matters.

If you are into business, all you need is to pay more attention to your business, going to the beer parlor every blessed day won't help you but working to increase your capital and getting more customers helps you. As a student, you don't need to spend all your time doing things that don't add any value but distract you.

5. Don't spend all your time on Facebook

I wouldn't ask you to stop Facebooking but there is time for everything, Moreover, Facebook is not the only social network we have. We have Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and so many of them. Time is everything and shouldn't be wasted unnecessarily.

Facebook has put everything in place to keep you on their platform for as long as they can and yes, it's interesting when you belong to active Facebook groups and pages but ask yourself does it put food on the table. It pains me to see people spending their time begging for help on Facebook when they have used all the time chatting and socializing on Facebook forgetting that it doesn't put food on their table. However, a few social media influencers make money because they have thousands of followers but what about you, do you make money or help them make money?

6. Avoid confusions

At a point in life, you will be confused about everything especially when it comes to certain things such as how to make money, what can I do to make money, and how to succeed and become who you wish to be. Knowing your destination will help you know the right path to follow. To succeed in life you must be sure of what you need and go for it and while going for it, don't let anything distract you.

7. Overcome your fear

Are you afraid of failure, is fear of failure preventing you from doing what you want to do. You need to overcome your fear because fear is what you feel within you but never a reality. The reality is what you are willing and ready to do, you can't achieve anything when you are afraid, you can only achieve something when you believe you can.

Positive thinking and the power to execute your plan is all that you need to move to the next level, the things you can't do is what you believe you can't do, as far as you believe you can, you will and there are no two ways about it.

8. Don't wait for too long

It takes time to plan but don't spend more time thinking about how to get started, all you need is to start from somewhere and before you know it you will be there. You might be waiting to get ready but in the end, you will never be ready but when you start you will be seeing yourself getting somewhere in no time. Like the popular saying, that delay is dangerous, let get to work and see how it goes.


There are things you do that make you happy but adds no value in the long run. spend your time wisely because any time that passes by never comes back again.

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Re: 8 Things you must avoid to succeed in life
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Very nice topic