What you need to know about Omah Lay: the fast rising Nigerian artist


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             What you need to know about Omah Lay: the fast rising Nigerian artist
     Stanley Omah Didia we all know as Omah Lay is a singer, producer and songwriter. He was born on May 19, 1997 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. He attended Comprehensive High school in Port Harcourt then went to the University of Port Harcourt. His grandfather played drums for Celestine Ukwu in the late 70's. Omah Lay's father also took after his father but did not reach the height he attained in his musical career. He lived most of his teenage life in Marine base. He came into the spotlight in 2020 when he sang 'you'. In January 2019, he posted a verse on his instagram page and his fans loved it and they requested for the full version of the song 'Bad Influence' which had millions of views. He explained that Bad Influence was a song that carried too many explanations of what was going on in his life at that period.
    He was originally a producer and songwriter before he chose to focus on his singing career. In July 2019, he got signed with record label, KeyQaad and then moved to Lagos. He is signed to Dvpper music record label currently. Omah Lay got out his first public appearance EP that became the most viewed afrobeat album on different digital stores. He even earned Favourite artist of the month of June in Africa on Apple Music. He was selected as the debut sensation for Apple Africa's aspiring campaign on the 3rd of July, 2020. He has left people hinting that he might take the 'Rookie of the year' award home in the next Headies.
Although his net worth is not yet known, his talents would take him to higher places. He is recognized to be the new face of afrobeat. His music is highlife-influenced judging to the fact that he grew up with highlife rooted in his family. He fuses afrobeat with highlife music.